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Sustainability is at the heart of our culture and we believe strongly in the tenets of sustainable development: living and operating in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Tyler Wegmeyer - 2016 Young Farmer Sustainability Award
Tyler Wegmeyer: 2016 Young Farmer Sustainability Award Winner

Young Farmer Sustainability Award

We can talk all we want about sustainable agriculture, but when you see young, talented farmers putting that talk into action and producing amazing results, it’s truly inspiring.  That’s why Crop Science, a division of Bayer created the Young Farmer Sustainability Award

This prestigious annual award recognizes young agricultural producers who demonstrate excellence in business and environmental sustainability. Entrants are judged on entrepreneurial initiative and new approaches to farming, environmental and other on-farm sustainability efforts, and economic stability. Any U.S. farmer or rancher age 40 and under who receives at least half of his or her income from farming and farm-related ventures may apply.

Tyler Wegmeyer, 2016 Young Farmer Sustainability Award Winner - Video

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Growing a Healthier World

It may seem simple, but ‘growing a healthier world’ gets to the heart of our commitment to sustainability. At Crop Science, we’re committed to using – and promoting others’ use of – scientific discoveries, technology and innovation to uncover the most sustainable solutions to today’s global challenges.  It’s is our job – and responsibility – to help ensure a healthy planet and provide a lasting future for generations to come.

We are just as excited about breakthrough sustainability innovations being developed elsewhere as we are about those we develop ourselves.  That’s why we are proud to support initiatives and partnerships that advance sustainability throughout the nation’s vital agricultural regions.

Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action

Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action is a joint research and education initiative developed by Crop Science, a division of Bayer and Ducks Unlimited that promotes improving agricultural productivity while maintaining habitat for wildlife by increasing winter wheat acres in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America.  The Prairie Pothole Region is the most important area for waterfowl in North America. More than 70 percent of the continent’s waterfowl population breeds there, and the region is rich with productive agricultural land.

A multi-pronged program, the Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action initiative includes:

  • Working with regional universities to develop new winter wheat varieties and research best management practices
  • Providing regional agronomists to help producers through technical assistance, research/demonstration plots, field tours, and educational materials
  • Research on waterfowl nesting success in winter wheat

Why Winter Wheat?
Winter wheat can improve a producer’s operation by increasing profitability while spreading out workload for labor and equipment. At the same time, the fall-planted crop provides great nesting cover for waterfowl during their critical nesting season.  In fact, studies have shown waterfowl have a 24 times higher chance of having hatched nests in winter cereals than in spring-planted cereals. (Source:

Winter wheat, however, has some issues to overcome. Growers tell us that improved varieties would make them more likely to grow winter wheat.  They’d like to see greater winter hardiness, higher yields, disease resistance, improved grain quality and shorter straw.  The Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action (WCSIA) initiative has entered into agreements with South Dakota State University, North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota to develop new winter wheat varieties that would contain these traits and possibly others.

e3 - A Revolutionary Sustainable Cotton Initiative

Farmers, textile producers, designers, retailers and consumers have been asking for truly sustainable, traceable cotton, and the e3 program spearheaded by Crop Science makes it reality.  e3 addresses the demand for socially-equitable, economically-viable and environmentally-responsible cotton throughout the value chain by providing a set of standards by which cotton production practices can be measured and considered “sustainable.”

There are three key benefits of the e3 program:

  • e3 is socially equitable to address issues of working/living conditions of growers and laborers, the needs of the surrounding rural farm community, as well as consumer health and safety aspects.
  • e3 is economically viable to meet the individual economic needs of farmers, farm families, farm workers and customers, and to help make farms financially competitive enterprises that are consistently profitable year over year.
  • e3 is an environmentally responsible program encouraging reduced use of water, land and energy while maintaining productivity.

Visit the official e3 - Sustainably Grown Cotton website

Citrus Greening Research Grant

Citrus greening, also known as Huanglongbing (HLB), is a devastating disease that is ravaging Florida’s citrus groves. The disease is transmitted by the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), a small insect that feeds on the leaves and stems of citrus trees. Once infected, trees can yield discolored, inedible fruit and can die in as little as five years.

Crop Science in collaboration with the Florida Specialty Crop Foundation is joining the fight against citrus greening through a research grant. The grant recipient, Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) will use the funds to support their existing and future research on citrus greening disease and ACP.

The three-year grant will be funded by Bayer and administered by the Florida Specialty Crop Foundation. Bayer has been committed to its mission of providing “Science For A Better Life”, and this grant is another example of that commitment.


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The Facts About Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action
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