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Growers have spoken. Countless growers throughout the U.S. have seen success with the LibertyLink® system. Click on each state below to see, hear and read what a difference growers have experienced by choosing LibertyLink and Liberty® to maximize their yields with high-preforming genetics and better weed control.



LibertyLink Real Yield with Joe Mclemore

“Really no comparison at all. We had complete control of resistant weeds that we were absolutely not getting before. That with the pre-emerge, looks like a different farm. It’s excellent. There’s really nothing else out there that compares to it right now. There’s no other product that’s going to give you control of resistant weeds like Liberty does."

Joe Mclemore, Critten County, Arkansas

LibertyLink Real Yield with Nathan Brown

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“Roundup® wouldn’t take care of the pigweed well-enough for me, that’s the reason I switched.”
John Hamilton
, Phillips County, Arkansas

“I definitely would recommend it if he had resistant problems or before he had resistant problems, try Liberty to prevent getting in trouble.”
Chris Flanigan
, Craighead County, Arkansas

“It’s been really good this year, done a real good job.”
Larry Porter
, Monroe County, Arkansas

“It worked really well, really well. I have been satisfied. I would recommend it.”
William Honey
, Jackson County, Arkansas

“It gets anything that is in its path.”
Harold Fink
, Witts County, Arkansas

“The plant looks a lot healthier, greener, and stronger to me even in some of our dry land fields. Things look real good…I am very satisfied. I don’t know where we would be without LibertyLink.”
John Fogg
, St. Francis County, Arkansas


LibertyLink Real Yield with Doug Rund

“We’ve been really satisfied. It was really excellent last year.”

Doug Rund, Champaign County, Illinois

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“It’s very comparable or better than the neighbors so I feel like I’m doing a good job.”
Harold Boehl, Richland, Jasper, Crawford Counties, Illinois

“7-8 years ago we had trouble fields, morningglory, marestail – Roundup wasn’t cutting it. We put Liberty on it and that took it out.”
Mike Hilgenberg, Douglas, Moultrie & Coles Counties, Illinois

“I think you’ll have the yields and I think you’ll have the peace of mind that you can cut clean beans in the fall.”
Randy Payne, Wayne County, Illinois

“The weed control was fantastic it worked really well.”
Roger Loyd, Franklin County, Illinois

“They were probably the best beans I’ve ever raised in my life, actually.”
William Heyen, Macoupin County, Illinois

“I’m real happy. Kept our fields clean last year.”
Roger Austin, Lewistown County, Illinois

“I was having problems with Roundup-resistant weeds. The weed control was great [with Liberty].”
Ryan Montroy, Randolph County, Illinois

“I have not seen any yield drag. The main thing is you need to match the genetics to what you want.  Just don’t go out and buy LibertyLink beans because it’s LibertyLink. You have to match genetics to your soil, pests and your conditions.”
Keith Woods, Clinton County, Illinois

“We have had good yields with the LibertyLink system and feel like we didn’t give anything up in the yield category. They have been consistently good since we switched.”
Jonathan McGee, Longview, Illinois

“It’s good, I’m satisfied with it on the broadleaf side.”
Martin Franklin, Fayette County, Illinois

“There is no yield drag in LibertyLink. That’s just a big hoax from other companies.”
Charles Mitroka, Franklin County, Illinois

“The weed control was great, the yield was right with everything else, and no problems with it at all. Good product.”
Dale Tally, Clark and Edgar Counties, Illinois


LibertyLink Real Yield with Monty Henderson

“Here in the Midwest we get a lot of pressure and you see weed escapes that get out and that’s always been a fear for everyone I think. I especially like it because you rotate chemistry. You are just throwing down a post-emergent product that performs just as well on the weeds that have been escaping your traditional route. There is no yield drag at all that I have observed, I just have had great yields. They’ve been very comparable to my other systems and the varieties I have used have been superb in these last couple years. I have just had some outstanding soybean yields.”

Monty Henderson, Tipton County, Indiana


LibertyLink Real Yield with Chris Gaesser

“It has been really good, we have been very happy with it. Our yields have been very comparable - I mean they are right up there with our top beans, sometimes they are our top beans.”

Chris Gaesser, Adam County, IA

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“Oh I have before. I just tell them it’s a pretty good system, easy to use and has good weed control. The seed is cheaper. I don’t think we have any yield reduction, couldn’t see any difference as far as better or worse. It’s kind of hard to compare them on different farms, but I don’t think there is any yield drag at all on the LibertyLink.”
John Scott, Mount Pleasant, Iowa

“It’s just as good as Roundup if not a little better.”
Pat Epley, Bulter County, Iowa

“It’s real good. I have had real good control with it. I’ve been real satisfied with it. I would recommend it.”
Dale Tabbert, Mitchell County, Iowa

“We hear all this talk about resistant weeds, and we don’t have issues with that.  I think rotating the chemistries is a good deal.  That was our big goal for using it.”
Dennis Seyb, Lee County, Iowa

“I was very satisfied. We’re noticing that the waterhemp is hard to kill. The Liberty takes care of it.”
Spence Abrams, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa

“I think it’s pretty darn good.”
Gary Miller, Cass County, Iowa

“The weed control’s been great, just as good as Roundup…With three years’ experience we’ve had great bean yields. There’s no yield drag; there’s nothing to be worried about there, whatsoever.”
Robert Mosinksi, Jefferson County, Iowa


LibertyLink Real Yield with George Sheppard

“Before, I had Roundup beans and I couldn’t kill the weeds so I didn’t have any yields - didn’t amount to anything. And since using LibertyLink, I’ve had pretty good yields.”

George Sheppard, Jefferson County, Kansas

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“I was not impressed with how Roundup was handling things, so I went to Liberty. I think it’s good to excellent. I really do.”
Harley Yoder, Anderson County, Kansas

“We are having pretty good luck with Liberty killing water hemp. That’s our big problems, waterhemp and marestail.”
Vance Beebe, Allen County, Kansas

“I wouldn’t still be using it if I didn’t like it, put it that way.”
Doug Thompson, Osage County, Kansas


Read what growers are saying about the LibertyLink system

“If you’re not using the LibertyLink system in our area where the weed pressure is so high, you just have no way to really effectively take after the weeds once they come up in your crop.”
Jason Donal Lattus, Fulton County, Kentucky


LibertyLink Real Yield with Garry Zipf

“I tried them and the first year our fields we mostly didn’t have a weed in the field at all.  I was thoroughly impressed and we’ve done it ever since.”

Gary Zipf, McCloud County, Minnesota

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“I think it’s a good product. I would say there’s no yield drag - I don’t think that’s even an issue with it.”
Dan Lanou, Lyon County, Minnesota

“We’ve been very impressed with it.”
Grant Israelson, Wilkinson County, Minnesota

“I’ve had pretty good success with pretty much every weed.”
Dennis Christen, Stearns County, Minnesota

“Comparable or maybe better than any other system. It has a good fit for soybean in my opinion.”
Brad Cihler, Polk County, Minnesota

“I am very satisfied, and will stick with Liberty in 2016 because it works”
Joe Popowski, Lincoln County, Minnesota


LibertyLink Real Yield with Tracy Mask

“I’ve seen good yields. Of course the year makes the difference but I’ve made over 50 bushel per acre on some down here and we’re in hill country. We’re not in number one land. But they’re doing real good, as good or better than Roundup beans.”

Tracy Mask, Shannon, Mississippi

Bobby Maxey, Sunflower County, Mississippi

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“I’m very satisfied with it. That’s why I have gone exclusively to it, to tell you the truth.”
Christopher Perry, Tunica, Mississippi


LibertyLink Real Yield with Gerald Roberts

“They’ve been superior…I would highly recommend it. I know that there have been a lot of people went by my fields and talked about it and they’ve switched to LibertyLink.”

Gerald Roberts, Grundy County, Missouri

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“Similar to the Roundup Ready system, it was a one step process. Ease of application, ease of mixture, wide variety of weeds controlled, two sprays usually on the post application have been doing the trick."
Jon Hutcheson, East Prairie, Missouri

“It’s good. I mean it kills the weeds and that’s what you’re after. And it doesn’t hurt the crop.”
Sam Faulkner, New Madrid County, Missouri

“Liberty doesn’t burn the beans. They just keep on growing. It’s a good product and it gets the job done so yeah I’d recommend it.”
Gary Grerking, Lafayette County, Missouri

“Last year was phenomenal for yields. I know we had yields last year that was up into the 70’s. That’s pretty good for northwest Missouri.”
Matthew Beery, Grundy County, Missouri

“If you’ve have some of those resistant weeds, there really is no other choice.”
Bobby Lavalle, New Madrid County, Missouri

“It’s been pretty good actually, really better than anything else I’ve used recently. Been as good as anything else I’ve planted over the years.  Maybe a little better.”
Dwaine Barnes, Farber, Missouri

“I think Liberty beans are cleaner than the Roundup beans.  There wasn’t a yield cut on them when I went to Liberty.  If anything, I got a little increase in yield and I think it’s just from clean beans.”
Jim Belt, Shelby County, Missouri

“We’ve been having excellent success with Liberty.”
Tim James Lance, Nodaway County, Missouri

“Excellent.  It’s everything we expected.”
Don Meservey, Grundy County, Missouri

“Just as good as Roundup, if not better.”
Rex Watson, Nodaway County, Missouri

“Very satisfied.”
Justin Schaper, St. Charles County, Missouri

“Our fields will be considerably cleaner than our neighbors using Roundup Ready.”
Randy Oelrichs, Pettis County, Missouri


LibertyLink Real Yield with Gary Behrends

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“We were satisfied with it, it’ll clean up some weeds that Roundup or something else won’t kill anymore.”
Jon Waterbury, Polk County, Nebraska

North Carolina

LibertyLink Real Yield with Matthew Bell

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“I’ve been very satisfied, I’m as satisfied as I was with Roundup when it first came out and that tells you something.”
Tony Wilson, Sampson County, North Carolina

“We are seeing resistance with Roundup on quite a few weeds. I haven’t seen any that are resistant to Liberty.”
Marvin Markham, Carrol County, North Carolina

North Dakota

LibertyLink Real Yield with Tim Richman

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“LibertyLink will put money in the bank! That’s why we use it, and we will continue to use it, we will never stop using it.”
Donald Emerson, Pembina County, North Dakota


LibertyLink Real Yield with Richard Lehner

“As far as Liberty is, it will smoke the weeds and you won’t take any yield lost in my opinion. It does a lot better job on Roundup-resistant, and I feel it’s a better system.”

Richard Lehner, Delaware County, Ohio

South Carolina

LibertyLink Real Yield with John Durai

“I’m satisfied with Liberty, I really am. I’ve been farming for 45 years so I’ve seen it all.”

John Durai, Kershaw County, South Carolina

South Dakota

LibertyLink Real Yield with Dennis Hotchkiss

“I’ve been real satisfied with my yield the last couple years. There is no drag in yield. It’s a good product.”

Dennis Hotchkiss, Minnehaha County, South Dakota

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“Basically one benefit I’m looking at is there has been a lot more talk about the Roundup-resistant weeds and how to be able to take care of them in soybeans. So I wanted to try and look at something to try and break up their cycle...I thought maybe I should try this to try something else to give the weeds something different to react to.”
Lynn Behl, Hutchinson, South Dakota


LibertyLink Real Yield with David Nichols

“We are satisfied, really pleased with the weed control we were getting, and also the yields. After a couple of years of evaluating, we went to 100% Liberty, and we have been that way ever since.”

David Nichols, Obion County, Tennessee


LibertyLink Real Yield with Bruce Hall

“The last two years have been the best we’ve ever grown and this year we have a potential of being a better crop. I will continue to use it because it works.”

Bruce Hall, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

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