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TwinLink® cotton technology combines season-long Bt protection against worm pests with powerful weed management technology. It contains two Bayer proprietary Bt genes that provide effective management of major lepidopteran pests, such as cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm, pink bollworm, fall armyworm and beet armyworm. TwinLink cotton technology is now available to U.S. cotton growers in high-yielding, high-quality FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton seed varieties.

TwinLink is available as a GlyTol® LibertyLink® TwinLink (GLT) trait package, with full tolerance to Liberty® herbicide and glyphosate. GLT gives growers the flexibility to choose the herbicide application that best fits their cotton-growing conditions and farm management practices. Additionally, growers have the ability to rotate herbicide modes of action to control weeds effectively and reduce the potential of weed resistance.

Crop Science is committed to implementing effective Insect Resistance Management (IRM) programs for TwinLink and future traits that provide insect tolerance to crops. The TwinLink IRM plan has three major components: effective doses of two insecticidal proteins; good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices; and effective refuge.

Key Benefits

  • Broad-spectrum lepidopteran insect control comparable to Bollgard II®
  • Complete control of tobacco budworm and pink bollworm
  • Reduced bollworm damage through superior bollworm protection comparable to Bollgard II
  • Significant reduction in damage caused by armyworms compared to non-Bt cotton
  • Greater efficiency and flexibility for weed and insect control that allows growers to make the right decisions for their farms
  • GLT provides a wide application window for over-the-top applications of glyphosate or Liberty herbicide products
  • Herbicide-tolerant traits with proven crop protection with no impact on yield or quality

    Bollgard II is a trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.

Registered Crops

  • Cotton

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