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Scab has been nagging growers for more than 100 years. Now, Prosaro fungicide is providing some relief.

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Crop Science offers a range of innovative cereal protection products, including one fungicide that offers powerful protection against scab.


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From seed to harvest, Crop Science has a range of powerful products to help maximize the yield potential of your cereal acres—from start to finish. Use our quick and easy Application Chart for timing and descriptions of each Bayer brand.


Our innovative portfolio of products helps cereal growers maximize yields and protect their cereal crops from flag leaf to flowering. With a broad array of seed treatments, herbicides, fungicides [Pest Profiles: Scab | Prosaro® fungicide] and insecticides, we give you the tools you need to control and contain seed and soil-borne diseases, yield-robbing insects and the grass and broadleaf weeds that limit the growth potential of your cereal crops. Explore our Cereals Application Chart for timing and descriptions of each of our cereal products, or use the Product Selector above to find the Bayer brand that’s right for you. These tools are designed to make your cereal production as easy as possible.

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Need some assistance with finding a product for your needs? Use our Product Selector Tool. Refine your product types by selecting specific crops and pests.

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