Cotton is more than a crop. You know it and we do too. We are committed to improving agriculture, investing in our communities and advancing the cotton industry in all that we do – with the goal to help growers feed and clothe the world. Every day we put “Science for a Better Life” into practice as we’re driven to work with our customers to develop innovations that solve their most urgent problems.

Our commitment begins with an investment in research and development. Through our trait and variety advancements we supply cotton growers with the technology they need to be successful through our FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton seed brands. Our weed and insect control traits are second to none in the industry, and allow growers the opportunity to achieve excellent weed and insect control with strong yields and quality.

Bayer Continues its Leadership: Best-in-Class Genetics

With integrated breeding technologies and next-generation molecular breeding techniques, such as Marker-Assisted Back-Crossing and Marker-Assisted Recurrent Selection, we are reducing the timeline to deliver new crop varieties to the market.

  • Transgenic Breeding: Bayer is actively engaged in identifying and utilizing novel genes to deliver pest and weed protection and improved water-use efficiency into our cotton varieties.
  • Conventional Breeding:  Variable rate multizone irrigation production is used to identify lines early in the breeding cycle with the potential to perform well with less water.
  • Molecular Breeding: Cutting-edge molecular tools in plant selection enable us to accelerate our breeding pipeline.

Pipeline: Innovation Driven By Need

As the agriculture market rapidly changes, it drives the need for innovation and growth in the industry. Crop Science, a division of Bayer, has responded to these needs through the development of new and exciting trait technologies. You can look forward to seed advancements that bring improved productivity, weed management and stewardship practices.

Cotton Trait Growth Opportunities - July 2014

Stress Tolerance
Yield Increase
Fiber Quality
Drought tolerance
Harvest Index
Length, strength, micronaire
Water-use efficiency
Nitrogen-use efficiency
Length uniformity
Sap-sucking insect control
Hybridization system
Bioengineered fibers
Nematode control
Disease resistance
Lepidopteran pests

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