Building a Legacy in the Delta with Stoneville Cotton Seed


The Stoneville® Legacy Club™ honors the advanced skill-set and knowledge it takes for cotton growers to produce high-end harvests. Registration is available now for growers in the Delta region. Those with yields that rank in the top 10 percent of their state will win an all-expenses paid trip from Bayer. Additionally, all who apply for consideration will be entered into a drawing for $500.

“Cotton growers in the Delta region understand the value of planting cottonseed that delivers excellent vigor and quality,” says Lauren Lechner, Stoneville campaign manager. “When a grower pairs their superior skill with Stoneville varieties, they increase their opportunity for a greater return on investment both in profit and yield.”

“The Legacy Club exists to celebrate outstanding growers that use our science and their skill to achieve exceptional yield potential,” adds Jason Wistehuff, U.S. product manager for Stoneville cotton.

Growers that farm in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and certain Missouri counties are eligible to sign up for the Stoneville Legacy Club. To register, visit with your local Bayer sales rep or Bayer Agronomic Services Team member. Entered acres must be registered in the Authentic Stoneville Cotton program. Gin recap sheets are required to verify yield.

Start down the road to success. Qualify now for the Stoneville Legacy Club!

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