Profit In A Bearish Corn Market

2014 was an interesting year for U.S. corn growers who harvested a record 14.2 billion bushels. Since then, growers have faced some economic shifts. As you approach the 2015 season, here are some questions you need to ask:

  • Should I shift corn acres to a different crop?
  • How do I deal with rising land costs?
  • What marketing changes should I make?
  • How much crop insurance should I purchase?

It is more important than ever for growers to maximize yield potential. A Stratego® YLD fungicide application can increase profits even with lower corn prices.

In recent years, more growers have come to view their fungicide application as something more than an input cost. They now recognize it as a moneymaker because of its ability to increase yield. Even if there are no visible signs, diseases can show up later in the season and have a significant impact on plant health and yield.

“An early season fungicide application can deliver dividends beyond disease control,” said Randy Myers, product development manager, Crop Science. “Fungicides actually help maximize yield potential, even in the absence of visible disease symptoms.”

In a study of nearly 200 field trials, a single early season (between V4 and V7 growth stages) application of Stratego YLD increased yields by an average of 6.8 bu/A.

An early season fungicide application:

  • Protects young plants against Anthracnose leaf blight and eyespot, among other diseases
  • Improves stalk strength with reduced risk of lodging and green snap for better harvestability
  • Produces greener plants with better window of grain fill
  • Produces higher yields when combined with a tassel spray than just a tassel spray alone.

Since corn plants are smaller at the early season application stage, growers need less fungicide for adequate coverage on the plant.

“At the lower use rate of 2 oz/A for application between V4 and V7 growth stages, the price of application is less than half of other standard fungicide applications,” said Jody Wynia, corn marketing manager, Crop Science. “As a result, growers can have an average savings of about $8/A.”

Additionally, growers can tankmix Stratego YLD in with their postemergence herbicide spray to minimize fuel, equipment and labor costs.

“Our ROI models show the corn yield increase experienced with an early application of Stratego YLD will more than pay for itself, even with $3/bu corn,” explained Myers.

So while some might feel the pinch of bearish corn prices, users of Stratego YLD can be bullish on profitability because they know their fungicide application delivers in the field and on the bottom line.

Grower Success Stories

Corn growers from Iowa and Indiana share how an early season application of Stratego YLD gets their corn crop off to a strong start:

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