Does Proline Fungicide on InVigor Canola Pay?

When it comes to your canola crop, you want to protect your seed investment. For northern canola growers, Sclerotinia stem rot can be a serious canola disease that robs yield. With Proline® fungicide, protecting your InVigor® canola crop and your investment is easy.

Proline fungicide is a powerful tool that provides outstanding broad-spectrum disease control, while helping to preserve yield and profit. If sprayed proactively, Proline can reduce Sclerotinia stem rot infection.

Fungicides are designed to protect the crop that’s there, so spraying before disease takes a toll on your crop is important. InVigor agronomist Jordan Varberg advises northern canola growers to be prepared to spray Proline at 10 percent to 15 percent bloom if you encounter these conditions in the week of first bloom:

  • The 7-day forecast shows cooler temperatures in the 70s
  • Your pant legs get wet up to the knee when you walk through the field

Even when commodity prices are low, a Proline application provides good ROI when conditions are right for Sclerotinia infection. Here’s the math:



At 1,800 pounds/acre yield, 15% Sclerotinia infection rate, and $15 CWT market price for canola



At recommended application rate of 4.3 ounces/acre, with InVigor rebate, and custom application cost of $7/acre




When the conditions are right for Sclerotinia infection, protect your crop and canola seed investment with Proline fungicide. To learn more about Proline applications, contact your InVigor seed rep found under “Contacts” in the right hand column. Tweet us your thoughts to @Bayer4CropsUS.

photo credit: Canola Council of Canada

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