Fall Herbicides Help Manage Resistant Weeds

  • Resistant weeds are a growing problem in the south.
  • Fall herbicide application helps blast Italian ryegrass.
  • Louisiana State Extension cites eight strategies for managing herbicide-resistant weeds.

Fall Herbicides Help Manage Resistant Weeds

While soybeans are a dominant contributor to crop acreage in the South, weeds are often seen as a significant pest problem in most fields regardless of crop.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Even chemical-resistant weeds such as Italian ryegrass can be controlled. And as harvest picks up steam, now is the time to look ahead to next year and how you can better manage those glyphosate-resistant weed varieties.

According to information from Mississippi State University (MSU), glyphosate-resistant Italian ryegrass emerges in the fall and grows throughout winter and early spring.

That means emerging plants can pose a serious threat to burndown programs if allowed to continue growing until spring. While fall tillage may reduce weed numbers, MSU researchers recommend a fall residual herbicide to help reduce the overall population and numbers.

Louisiana State University Extension suggests 8 strategies for managing herbicide-resistant weeds:

  1. Use a residual herbicide.
  2. Rotate different crops.
  3. Rotate herbicides with different modes of action.
  4. Tank-mix herbicides with different modes of action at full recommended rates.
  5. Avoid sequential applications of the same herbicide.
  6. Use tillage, cultivation and/or other cultural practices whenever and wherever feasible.
  7. Clean equipment thoroughly before and after each use.
  8. Control weeds on fallow or set aside ground to prevent spreading of suspected resistant weeds.

Getting rid of weeds this fall means you’ll reap a harvest of another kind next spring. A clean seedbed gets you quicker crop emergence in warmer soils. Pests like the black cutworm moth and soybean cyst nematode will have to find another home. And, you’ll be saving valuable nutrients for your growing plants instead of the weeds.

Yes, fighting weeds is a year-round battle, and glyphosate-resistant varieties only make it more difficult. Autumn Super™ has its own weapon to help combat these tough-to-control weeds in corn and soybeans.

Get control of late-emerging winter annual weeds with residual when doing a burndown with Autumn Super. You can also turn to Autumn Super for broad-spectrum control of both grass and broadleaf weeds in fields that will be planted to corn or soybeans the following season.

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