First 30 Days of a Seedling

A grower can learn a lot from a seedling’s first 30 days. From plant emergence to a corn and soybean’s first visible leaf, seedlings are susceptible to damage from diseases and pests, like nematodes, wireworms, flea beetles, seed corn maggots, cutworms, white grubs and others.

As part of an integrated pest management system, growers should proactively scout and sample their fields. If you have a history of heavy pest pressure or have identified insects in your field this season, consider using Poncho®/VOTiVO® seed treatment next year to protect your seed investment and achieve maximum yields.

First 30 Days of  a Seedling

Solutions for Preventing Disease and Pest Pressures

Scout Early

Routine scouting can help you spot signs of disease and pest damage in your fields.

Scouting will help you get an accurate picture of any problems in your field that need treatment. When scouting, you should be aware of any patterns or variations that occur.1 Ensure that you walk a random course through the field, stopping periodically in varied locations to check plant leaves for damage and collect insects for identification. For example, pests like soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) feed on plant roots, robbing the infected plant of nutrients and providing a site for root-rotting fungi to enter. Above ground symptoms of SCN include stunting and yellow discoloration of the leaves.


Contact your local lab to determine proper sampling protocols for your area. Sample corn for nematodes about four to eight weeks after planting2 and soybeans three to six weeks after planting3.

All samples should be labeled and refrigerated until shipped. More importantly, any nematodes found during the sampling process must be alive for effective analysis.4


Utilize experts for tailored product recommendations.

Incorporating products for corn and soybean protection is an important part of any integrated pest management program. Poncho/VOTiVO offers early plant protection in the first 30 to 60 days of planting, giving added assurance to corn and soybean growers that their crops will thrive by reducing damage and loss due to insect pests and nematodes during the early stages. Meet with local agronomists and sales representatives to discuss what you observed this year within the first 30 days to determine how Poncho/VOTiVO can work for you as an added safeguard for your crop to ensure maximum yields during the next growing season.

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