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The various sectors of the supply chain are banding together to increase the quality and quantity of food produced.

The world’s population is increasing. At the same time, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about the importance of a healthy diet and demanding more accountability in the way their fresh fruits and vegetables are grown. Growers must produce more with less, using sustainable practice to meet quality requirements and minimize losses further down the supply chain, such as in processing and storage.

World population is increasing, and demand for quality food is on the rise. Growers must produce more with less, using sustainable practices to meet quality requirements and minimize losses further down the supply chain, such as in processing and storage.

To help growers meet these challenges, and to maximize profits all the way down the line, Crop Science leads a food chain partnership in the U.S. and around the world. By educating growers farmers and cooperatives on integrated crop management (ICM) and best farming practices, and providing innovative products that assist in making agricultural productivity more sustainable, Bayer ensures the traceability of food from field to fork—and thus helps growers meet consumer demand. 

The Food Chain Partnership

In addition to pioneering inventive Nunhems seeds and crop protection products like Movento® insecticide, the food chain partnership involves a number of intangible Crop Science services. These include education and training programs for growers and operators, consultation with growers during the growing season, and dedicating select relationship managers to key food chain players.

Following the principles of Good Agricultural Practice, a USDA verification program focused on food and crop safety, Bayer assists growers by providing quality seeds, innovative crop protection products and optimized spraying plans designed to lessen the impact on the environment and increase quality yields. This helps growers cope with resistance and work more profitably; maximizing agricultural productivity and helping dealers, processors and consumers get the fresh food they want.

The fruit, vegetable and nut market in the U.S. is valued at approximately $30 billion. By ensuring traceability of food from field to market, the food chain partnership protects and regulates this industry, and growers benefit, knowing their yields will be used.

Transparency and Responsibility

The food chain partnership is a clear line from grower to consumer. Processors knows where and who their food comes from and can trace any issues back to the source. This placement of responsibility on the shoulders of each member of the food chain helps ensure high standards of quality are maintained. Because of this, there are fewer losses during processing and storage. The same goes for importers and exporters, who must guarantee produce complies with maximum residue levels (MRLs). The food chain partnership makes everyone aware of MRLs, ensuring they know the requirements of the importing country and thereby preventing potential loss in marketing opportunities for growers.

Bayer is represented in approximately 240 food chain partnership projects around the world. In the U.S., products like Luna fungicide and Movento insecticide are powering the supply chain by ensuring growers produce high-quality crops—the first step to guaranteeing fresh food in the marketplace.

Addressing Food Supply Challenges

Two Bayer products are leading the charge in advancing the food chain partnership. Luna® fungicide offers a unique solution for protection against pome fruit, stone fruit and tree nut diseases. With a new chemical class that inhibits the enzyme complex succinate-dehydrogenase (SDH), Luna acts as a contact and upward systemic fungicide, fighting scab, sooty blotch, rust, flyspeck and powdery mildew. Trials show in-season use also controls storage diseases, addressing a major challenge of the supply chain.

Movento insecticide is another revolutionary product in the Crop Science portfolio. With two-way systemicity allowing upward and downward movement within a plant, Movento reaches hidden pests—such as aphids, scales, mealybugs, whiteflies and psyllids—in citrus, grape and vegetable crops. “Fresh producers regard Movento as one of the most innovative products available to them,” says Brian Hrudka, Crop Science food chain partnership manager.

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