Fungicides: A Strong Start to 2015

Fungicides: A Strong Start to 2015

Your mission, get the most out of every acre. How can you achieve higher yields with low commodity prices and tight margins? Many times, it comes down to ensuring that all your inputs are helping to maximize your yield potential.

An early season fungicide application delivers proven yield increases and can be more profitable even when corn prices are lower. We’ll highlight:

  • What 200 independent field trials reveal about an early application of Stratego® YLD
  • Why an early application of Stratego YLD delivers more than yield alone
  • Growers who have firsthand experience spraying an early application of Stratego YLD on their farm

"You have one shot a year to make money, so why not go for it.”

Marc Mummelthei
Waverly, Iowa

Growers are discovering that an early season fungicide application can boost yield even higher and provides more profit potential. A fungicide application between V4-V7 protects young corn plants during those vital yield-establishing stages when they are very susceptible to environmental stresses. Even if there are no visible signs, diseases can show up later in the season and have a significant impact on plant health and yield. So why put your corn crop at risk?

The proof is in the research. Nearly 200 independent field studies indicate an early season application of Stratego YLD can increase yield by 6.8 bu/A. You see that return on investment (ROI) right away on your yield monitor.

“What you will find out is that the yield increase from an early season application of Stratego YLD more than pays for itself,” said Jody Wynia, corn marketing manager, Crop Science.

Travis Buchholz, a farmer and retailer in Fergus Falls, Minn., knows that not using an early season fungicide costs him yield and profit. “I've had a 6- to 7- bushel increase [with Stratego YLD]. In the days of $7 corn, that was a lot of money. But even in the days of $3 corn that pays for itself three times. No matter what commodity prices are, it's just a no brainer,” Buchholz said.

If corn prices were low at $3 a bushel, you would receive an ROI of $12.35/A with a 6.8 bushel increase. At $4/bu, the ROI would be $19.15/A.

Waverly, Iowa, farmer Marc Mummelthei believes an early season fungicide application is worth the upfront costs, because it delivers the end-of-the-season ROI growers are looking for most – higher yield. “You have one shot a year to make money, so why would you not go for it,” said Mummelthei.

Beyond the Yield ROI

Besides yield, an early season fungicide application impacts ROI in other ways. The tankmixing capabilities of Stratego YLD improves ROI by reducing costs. You can tankmix Stratego YLD with a postemergence herbicide. As a result, you make one less trip across the field, reducing your time commitment, fuel costs, labor needs and equipment wear.

Since corn plants are smaller at their earlier stage, you need less Stratego YLD to get full plant coverage.

“At the lower use rate of 2 oz/A for application between the V4-V7 growth stages, the cost of fungicide is half that of more conventional fungicide applications,” said Wynia. “That means even more ROI for growers.”

An early season fungicide application also maximizes plant health. It:

  • Protects young plants against anthracnose leaf blight and eyespot, among other diseases;
  • Improves stalk strength with reduced risk of lodging and green snap for better harvestability; and
  • Produces greener plants with better window of grain fill.

Bonus ROI with Innovation Plus™

You can boost the ROI of your Stratego YLD application even more this year with the Innovation Plus grower rewards program. Earn up to $70/gal cash-equivalent rebate when you purchase 2.5 gal of Stratego YLD. And if you purchase Stratego YLD plus a minimum of 80 acres of Balance® Flexx, Capreno®, Laudis® and/or Liberty® herbicides, you will receive an additional cash-equivalent rebate of $50/gal of Stratego YLD on match acres. More information is available at

Minnesota and Iowa corn growers share why it pays to make an early season application of Stratego YLD. See how a V4-V7 application of Stratego YLD boosts yields and how it can make a difference in your fields:

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