Getting More with Less

herbicide applicationUndoubtedly, one of the topics on every grower's mind during harvest is weed control. No matter how efficient a herbicide is, growers are always looking for something better.

When it comes to searching for something better, efficacy of weed control is the number one priority. Evaluation of that efficacy is no longer limited to killing weeds, though. The timing of herbicide application is often just as important. It's critical to apply herbicides at not only the correct corn growth stage, but also when weeds are young and before they have a chance to reproduce. This is particularly true when it comes to weeds such as waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, because each individual plant can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds.

The average number of acres an individual grower covers each year is increasing, meaning efficacy is no longer the only consideration when it comes to weed control. At the same time, the amount of labor available to cover these acres remains limited. Minimizing the number of passes a grower makes across a field in a given season is often one of the first considerations for reducing labor needs. A product's use rate is an often overlooked way to reduce labor needs.

Conventional herbicides are typically applied at rates measured in quarts or pints per acre. Ultra Low Use Rate products, on the other hand, are applied at rates measured in mere ounces. Not only does this help with labor and transportation expense, but it also means increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings.

Think smaller

Ultra Low Use Rate technology delivers on that premise–precise measurements, smaller packaging, fewer containers and less labor. Thinking smaller is providing more–greater flexibility, better efficiency and enhanced bottom lines–for growers and retailers. Plus, it enables them to be more environmentally sustainable and to remain in compliance with regulatory standards. Ultra Low Use Rate technology is clearly a case of getting more with less.

Tankmix compatibility

Growers and retailers have the flexibility to tankmix Ultra Low Use Rate products, such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides from Crop Science, because these products are not premixed with other crop inputs like glyphosate or atrazine. This provides growers and retailers the ability to customize pest control solutions for specific fields with the appropriate crop input partners.

the lowdown on ultra low use rates 

Focus on ounces

Ultra Low Use Rate products are measured in ounces rather than the customary pints or quarts. With concentrated formulations, mere ounces are able to treat the same number of acres that would require pints or quarts for most other crop protection products. For instance, it would take a grower only 3 fl oz of Laudis® herbicide to treat an acre of corn compared to 4 pts (2 qts) of Halex® GT, based on the maximum label use rates. Or it would take just nine cases of Corvus®, applied at a rate of 5.6 fl oz/A to treat the same number of acres as four bulk containers of conventional herbicides applied at 2.5 qt/A.

With the lower rates, fewer and smaller containers are needed. This makes it easier for growers and retailers to handle the products. Less storage space is required for the smaller packaging, allowing growers and retailers to use their sometimes limited space more efficiently. Ultra Low Use Rate products also reduce costs needed for purchasing new bulk tanks, mini bulks, pumps or replacement parts.

Efficient transportation

Ultra Low Use Rate products can help growers and retailers operate more effectively through labor and transportation savings. The smaller packaging enables the products to be transported more efficiently. Since more products can be loaded on delivery trucks, fewer trips are needed, reducing fuel use and transportation costs. Plus, there are fewer bulk delivery trucks clogging up the chemical bays in retailer loading zones. Also, less labor is needed to clean, maintain, fill, calibrate, handle and dispose of rinsate.

Proper stewardship

containersWith easier cleanup and less packaging for disposal, Ultra Low Use Rate products are more environmentally sustainable, which is a core value of Crop Science. By following cleaning directions, the packaging has the potential to be recycled or repackaged. This can prevent the buildup of those annoying empty containers on farms or in warehouses.

With all of these benefits of Ultra Low Use Rates, it's no wonder this technology has been a hallmark of Crop Science and its recent product introductions.


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