How the Pod Shatter Tolerance Trait in Canola Seed can help with Managing Harvest

The pod shatter tolerance trait in canola first came to market in 2014 with the introduction of InVigor L140P. This trait provides the plant with a stronger pod structure that results in less canola seed loss. For northern canola growers, pod shatter tolerance provides more flexibility in how you manage your canola fields at season’s end.

In this video, Kyle Rollness, U.S. InVigor canola sales lead, walks through the benefits of the pod shatter tolerance trait.

More Flexibility to Spread Out Harvest

Crop Science canola seed experts recommend that larger farmers plant more than one InVigor canola hybrid. When one of those hybrids is L140P, you have the flexibility to leave the L140P fields stand longer, so you can focus on other canola or wheat fields first. InVigor L140P can be swathed at 60% to 80% color change.

Ideal for Straight-Cut Canola

Due to its pod structure that protects against pod shatter and dropped pods, InVigor L140P is a great fit for northern canola growers interested in direct harvest or straight cutting. Across six company large-plot trials that were direct harvested in 2014, L140P yielded higher than all other InVigor and competitor hybrids.1

Strong through Extreme Weather Late in the Season

At two trial locations in 2014, prolonged windy periods struck the standing plots with winds as high as 60 mph in early October. InVigor L140P yielded 72 percent and 31 percent better than the average at these locations, illustrating how well the pod shatter tolerance trait holds the seed on plants under extreme weather conditions.

Yield Benefits

Letting canola stand longer for delayed swathing or straight cutting can provide two great benefits:

  1. Higher test weights
  2. Higher oil content

If you would like to try a canola hybrid with the pod shatter tolerance trait on your farm, contact your InVigor seed rep. He’s found under “Contacts” on this page’s right column.



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