Tree Nut Growers Increase Yield and Vigor

How Movento Works

Tree nut growers have few options for combating nematodes once they've planted their perennial crops. That can have a huge impact on business: Nematodes reduce vigor and yield, on average causing 15 to 20 percent damage, but sometimes as much as 50 percent.

Dr. Michael McKenry, a nematologist with the University of California, Riverside, went on a search for alternatives to post-plant nematicides applied via drip. He found Movento® insecticide, unique in its foliar application.

“Movento has the potential to cut damage in half,” McKenry said.

Research Shows Results

McKenry’s research has consistently found that Movento reduces nematode populations by 50 percent for five to six months. He has highlighted Movento's ability to reach all of a plant's roots — not just those under a drip — as an advantage over other products.

The main difference McKenry observed in Movento-treated plants was the quality of the fruit and the plants' ability to develop strong root systems during hot spells.

Movento penetrates the leaf cuticle when sprayed, and then moves to all parts of the plant, controlling pests as they attempt to feed. McKenry's research shows that Movento also affects the ability of nematode populations to eventually reproduce, reducing their count. He found that the product controls all types of nematodes, without harming beneficial bacterial agents in the soil that feed on them.

Seeing a Difference in the Field

Rod Walker, an independent agriculture consultant in the California Central Valley, saw a visual difference in the vigor of his growers’ trees and the trees’ ability to hold a bigger crop.

"Movento really stood out during harvest — a high-stress period when blocks usually get water stress. The trees did not water stress like they had in the past," Walker said. “Trees treated the previous fall held the leaves better — they just didn’t stress, and that has to be attributed to better root vigor."

David Andrada, a technical sales consultant with Bayer, has heard similar comments from growers.

“Visually, growers can see a difference where they put the Movento on the previous year,” Andrada said. “They’re seeing better shoot growth and development — the trees look a lot healthier and have better color the following spring.”

One grower Andrada met decided not to fumigate prior to planting, and he started seeing a lack of uniformity in growth and development of his walnut orchard. The grower’s consultant recommended Movento as the best option to treat his walnut orchard for nematode infestations since the trees were already established.

When Andrada visited the orchard three years later, the result was better than he expected.

"The trees treated with fall and spring applications of Movento were as full and developed as the trees without nematode damage,” Andrada said. “When I visited the orchard, the grower told me, ‘Movento is really doing something! It is working on the nematodes.’”

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