No Stress: Protect Crop Yield Potential with Stress Reduction

Many products address biotic crop threats like pests, but Leverage 360 vides protection against abiotic stresses like drought.

Temperature extremes, mineral deficiency, wind, frost, as well as insect and microorganism feeding. Cotton, soybean, potato crops are exposed to harmful environmental stresses every season. While you can't control these factors, there is a way to help shield your crop from many of their yield-robbing effects. Leverage 360 insecticide offers two modes of action to protect crops from a wide range of problematic sucking and chewing pests, including soybean aphids, potato psyllids, and thrips on cotton. Leverage 360 also includes Stress Shield—an advanced plant protectant technology that helps safeguard plants from many environmental stresses that can reduce plant vigor and yield, like temperature stress, soil salinity, saturated soils and more.

Today's crops are exposed to more harmful environmental (abiotic) stress than ever before.

How Stress Affects Your Crop

"Exposure of plants to stress, such as high temperatures or drought, interrupts certain metabolic pathways, triggers the release of harmful free electrons [radicals] and reduces growth," explains Prof. Derrick Oosterhuis, a leading cotton physiologist at the University of Arkansas. During respiration, plant cells convert the glucose manufactured through photosynthesis into an energy-rich compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides the energy the plant uses to grow. But when the plant is subjected to stress, hormones within the cells signal it to divert valuable energy to prevent or repair stress damage. As a result, there is less ATP available to fuel growth.

Helping Plants Reach Their True Potential

Leverage 360 features rapid knockdown paired with residual activity that keeps crops protected against a broad range of pests in cotton, soybeans, and potatoes, including soybean aphids, stink bugs, and bollworms. Soybean growers have the additional option of apply a single tankmix of Leverage 360 and Stratego® YLD fungicide for control of insects and diseases, while enhancing yield potential, all in a single pass.

"Stressed plants produce fewer leaves, flowers and fruit," comments Dr. Wolfgang Thielert, a crop protection scientist for Crop Science. “This, in turn, leads to considerable losses in crop yields.”

Additionally, Stress Shield technology represents a lab- and field-validated standard in abiotic plant stress management. Leverage 360 works physiologically to enhance the ability of plants to withstand stressful conditions—both biotic and abiotic—and help maximize yield. In the case of soybeans, growers have seen stronger root growth and leaf size, earlier pod set, increased pod fill and better pod retention when using Leverage 360 insecticide with Stress Shield

In trials conducted by the Iowa Soybean Association, soybeans treated with Leverage 360 insecticide with Stress Shield protection delivered an average 5.1 bu/A increase over the control.

Stress- Tolerant Plants Also Hold Promise

Crop Science is also working to develop crop varieties that can better withstand extreme stress. For instance, Bayer scientists have succeeded in reducing the activity of a specific gene in canola that causes plants to consume more ATP under drought conditions. Initial field trials have shown that canola plants with this genetically enhanced property produced significant yield increases. Additionally, the Crop Science product pipeline offers growers an interesting look at the future of farming and ways in which Bayer researchers are working to strengthen crops against a range of environmental stresses.

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