Pre-Season Favorites

New mobile apps are making planting decisions easier, allowing growers to focus more on the bottom line.

As on-farm costs rise, the agricultural community is turning to innovative digital tools to make growers' jobs easier, more efficient and more profitable. Crop Science has launched two new digital tools that support growers as they evaluate inputs and planting strategies for the upcoming season: The Variety Selector Tool and Seed Planner.

With each innovative digital tool brought to market—be it a mobile or tablet app or a device on a web page— Crop Science is making it easier for growers to thrive. The Variety Selector Tool makes cotton seed variety selection simple. Growers can find the right FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton seed varieties for their fields based on location, herbicide tolerance, irrigation level, soil texture and root-knot nematode pressure. They can view images of varieties in their area at different growth stages and watch videos of growers, consultants and dealers sharing their successes with these varieties. Once they select their varieties, they can calculate total bag and/or box needs based on seeding rates and acreage. Growers, as well as consultants and seed dealers, can utilize the Variety Selector Tool free online.

An essential pre-season tool for growers, the Variety Selector Tool makes planting calculations simple with three easy-to-use calculators.

The Seed Planner helps growers make educated seed purchase decisions by calculating the bags or bulk boxes they need to cover their cotton acres.

Informed Seed Decisions

The Seed Planner mobile app allows growers who’ve already selected their cottonseed varieties to calculate other seed needs. By inputting seeding rates and acreage, growers can determine the number of bags and or bulk boxes they will need, as well as the number of acres they’ll cover with each bag or box. Great for tabulating seed needs when planting multiple varieties, Seed Planner also allows growers to make in-field adjustments to seeding rates and quantities as field conditions change. This allows them to address potential issues immediately. They can even save and email multiple “scenarios” for later comparison. The Seed Planner mobile app is now available for Apple and Android devices.

The more growers take advantage of powerful digital technologies like these, the more time and energy they'll have to focus on what really counts—yields.

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