High Yield, Higher Reward: Join the FiberMax® One Ton Club™ Today


Moving into its 13th year, the FiberMax® One Ton Club™ is ready to add more growers committed to exceptional yields. Currently topping over 1,000 members, the club recognizes growers for their hard work and dedication to producing and harvesting high yields.  Signup is now open to join this elite community. Qualified growers who attend the One Ton Club event also can enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a two-year lease on a Ford F-350 Super Duty Ranch truck.

Last year, the highest reported yield was 3,059 lb/A, harvested in Lakeview, Texas. That same grower recorded highest gross loan value, earning $1,749.44 per acre on qualifying acres. A grower in Morse, Texas, came in with the most qualifying acres: 2,046 acres with an average yield 2,143 lb/A. These are numbers that push growers to the top of the One Ton Club crop.

“Cotton growers at this level combine their expertise and knowledge with our elite germplasm, allowing for higher than average yields,” says Kerry Grossweiler, Bayer campaign manager. “We are proud to support growers in this club and enjoy celebrating their accomplishments and success every year.”

If you live in any of the 17 cotton-producing states and produce 2,000 lb/A on 20 or more acres planted to FiberMax cotton, visit your local Bayer sales rep or Agronomic Services Team member to sign up for the One Ton Club. Entered acres must be registered in the Certified FiberMax Cotton® program, and gin recap sheets must be provided for verification.

“The numbers don’t lie, high quality and yield are a true testament to a grower’s hard work and dedication,” says U.S. product manager for FiberMax cotton, Jason Wistehuff. “The FiberMax One Ton Club exists to reward the drive it takes to achieve exceptional yields.”

Qualifiers will be recognized at the One Ton Club Awards banquet in Lubbock, Texas, during spring 2018, where they will have the opportunity to enter to win the Ford truck. Growers must be present to enter and win the sweepstakes.

Start down the road to recognition. Sign up now for the FiberMax One Ton Club!

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