Recent Trials Uncover Movento MPC Protection against Nematodes and Broad-Spectrum Pests

By Mike Edenfield and Roy Morris, Crop Science

Movento MPCMovento® MPC is a foliar insecticide that delivers reliable, systemic protection of above and below the ground pests. Formulated specifically for Florida citrus growers, Movento MPC moves up and down throughout the entire plant tissue system providing effective, all-over protection of the established plant and new growth. A winter application of Movento MPC, followed by a sequential spray post-bloom, can enhance your current root health program. Recent research trials demonstrate that Movento MPC applied twice per year provides broad-spectrum control and reduces the number of citrus nematode females, juveniles and eggs infecting fibrous citrus roots.

Movento MPC applied during the January and February dormant window targets Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) and citrus rust mite when their populations are generally low.  Movento MPC works best when used preventatively.  Data shows pre-bloom or pre-flush applications of Movento MPC control the development of ACP and citrus rust mite populations for more than 60 days.  Employing a sequential Movento MPC application post-bloom extends the residual insecticide control and provides suppression of key pests until the first summer-oil spray.

Movento MPC is best used as a part of a season-long pest management program for controlling foliage and root feeding pests.  The application of Movento MPC plus surfactant in concert with a dormant psyllid adulticide is a foundation treatment for key pests in Florida citrus.  The sequential post-bloom Movento MPC application strengthens the systemic insecticide protection and provides citrus growers with the opportunity to start the year off clean.

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