S.T.O.P. Weeds from Costing You Canola Yield with These Liberty Herbicide Tips

Weeds cost growers yield every season. InVigor® canola seed with built-in tolerance to Liberty® herbicide provides northern canola growers with an excellent way to control weeds and preserve yield.

To help InVigor canola growers and retailers see the best results with Liberty herbicide, we’ve developed these application tips to S.T.O.P. weeds:

S.T.O.P. weeds

Start early

You can apply Liberty herbicide on InVigor canola any time from crop emergence to early bolting, but it is best to apply when weeds are present in the field, growing and still small. Scouting weeds and taking early action are crucial steps toward your success.

Target < 3" weeds

Liberty is most successful on smaller weeds, and controlling weeds before they go to seed should be your priority. Any weed that goes to seed can pose problems for future crops. The potential for weed resistance increases if any weeds are left in the field to produce seed.

Optimize coverage

Liberty is a contact herbicide that requires thorough spray coverage, so how it’s applied is key to Liberty’s effectiveness and your ability to control weeds.
  • Choose the right nozzle. Pick one that generates a medium spray droplet.
  • Use the recommended rate, 22 ounces of Liberty per application, mixed with plenty of water. Using at least 15 gallons of water per acre ensures full coverage.

Pair with grass herbicide

If grass weeds are present, too, a grass herbicide can be tankmixed with Liberty to improve overall weed control.   

For more spraying tips with Liberty herbicide, contact your InVigor seed rep found under “Contacts” on the InVigor products page’s right column. Also remember to always read and follow label instructions.

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