California and Arizona Root Health

Mealybug and Nematode Management in Wine Grapes

Managing the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) and Huanglongbing (HLB) in California citrus trees

Maintaining Healthy Roots

Not all risks to yield are easy to spot – some exist below the surface. Root health is essential to overall crop health. Without it, plants are more susceptible to stress factors, such as cold spells, drought and disease.

Nematodes, though small, are one of the major challenges to the root health of California and Arizona nut, grape, citrus, vegetable and berry crops. These tiny roundworms feed on plants’ roots, limiting their ability to take in vital nutrients and drastically reducing yield and vigor.

To stop nematodes, growers must stay vigilant. Monitoring and cultural practices – paired with crop protection products – can protect trees and vines, ensuring healthy crops and strong productivity.

Protecting almond orchards from nematodesProtecting Almond Orchards from Nematodes

Nematologist Mike McKenry explains how rootstock choice, soils and treatment plans affect the impact of these damaging pests.

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Preventing nematodes in tree nuts

Suppressing Nematodes in Tree Nuts

Good orchard management limits nematode growth in high-value walnut and almond trees.

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Fight nematodes and boost yield with Movento®

Reducing Nematode Damage with Movento®

Fighting nematodes after perennial crops are planted is a challenge, but Movento provides growers with a research-backed solution.

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Guide to nematode management in grapes

Nematode Management Guides

These University of California publications describe best practices for managing nematodes.

» Grapes
» Almonds
» Pistachios
» Walnuts

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