California and Arizona Weed Management

Managing weeds in California

Managing Weeds

Effective weed management programs can help California and Arizona growers see healthier crops and higher yields.

A comprehensive and evolving weed management program is key. Pairing tried and true cultural approaches – such as regular weed scouting and tool cleaning – with chemical controls can protect crop health and, ultimately, yield. It’s also increasingly important to incorporate multiple effective sites of action to fend off herbicide resistance.

 Protect Grape Vines from Intruding WeedsProtect Grape Vines from Intruding Weeds

Invading weeds can rob vineyards of nutrients, water and light, reducing yield and profits. Head off the threats of weed pressure with our recommended best practices.

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Guide to nematode management in grapes

University of California, Davis, Weed Management Guides

These in-depth guides describe integrated weed management best practices.

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