Florida Citrus Root Health

Healthy Florida citrus close up

Maintaining Healthy Roots

Not all risks to yield are easy to spot — some exist below the surface. Root health is essential to overall crop health. Without it, plants are more susceptible to stress factors, such as cold spells, drought and disease.

Nematodes are an added stressor affecting root health. Citrus groves infested with these tiny, root-feeding roundworms are especially vulnerable to the effects of Huanglongbing (HLB), a disease that has forced many Florida growers to rip up infected trees and replant.

To protect citrus root health and preserve yields, Florida growers should take proactive measures. Proper planning and vigilant monitoring can ensure healthy crops and abundant productivity.

Nematodes management guidePest Management Guide: Nematodes

This University of Florida publication describes best practices for integrated management of nematodes, from monitoring to chemical controls.

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