Pacific Northwest Disease Management

Potato field with trucks, fighting disease

Fighting Disease

Fast-spreading fungal infections and other potato diseases threaten the yields of Pacific Northwest growers. Blight and white mold, for instance, thrive in moist conditions, leading to smaller potatoes, yield loss and, in severe cases, plant death.

But disease management solutions are available. Pacific Northwest potato growers can achieve success by pairing cultural practices, such as crop rotation, with chemical controls. Increasingly important is incorporating fungicide rotation to fend off resistance.

By planning ahead and staying alert, growers can ensure strong crops and abundant production.

Guide to early blight in potatoesGuide to Early Blight in Potatoes

Pacific Northwest Extension details the causes and symptoms of early blight, plus cultural and chemical control methods.

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Guide to white mold in potatoes

Guide to White Mold in Potatoes

Pacific Northwest Extension explains the signs of white mold and solutions growers have for control.

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