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Planning ahead to protect yields

Planning Ahead to Protect Yields

Climate and weather fluctuations, growing disease and insect pressure, and ongoing resistance issues mean Southeast and Delta growers have to stay a step ahead in scouting for and managing threats. The effects of these decisions are far reaching and ultimately impact crop quality, yields and the bottom line.

The intensity and variety of pest pressures in the Southeast and Delta regions require growers to employ advanced integrated pest management practices. They must protect crops from the earliest stages through maturity with proactive fungicide applications – even before symptoms exist – and resistance management practices throughout the season.

With a long-term pest management program in place, growers can be prepared for what nature throws at them for years to come. Success means planning ahead – and staying ahead. Continue your nematode education, learn more about the benefits of proactive disease management and explore tailored weed management solutions from Bayer here.

velum total georgia peanut field trialTwo Steps to Nail Nematodes and Meet Yield Goals

The variability of nematode pressure from field to field – even from one spot in a field to another spot in a field – often creates inconsistent results from nematode management programs. On-farm trials show that Bayer solutions support higher yield regardless of the level of nematode pressure.


How to diagnose and treat common soybean diseases bean plant inspected with magnifying glassHow to Diagnose and Treat Yield Robbing Soybean Diseases

Soybean diseases are a threat to your bottom line. But you can get ahead of frogeye leaf spot, brown spot, white mold and other key diseases with timely fungicide applications.


row crops competing with weedsThree Steps to Clean Fields

To slow development of herbicide resistance, use multiple sites of action (SOA) in a single application and rotate chemical groups each application. With flexible tankmix partners, Bayer weed management solutions offer flexibility, multiple SOA and effective control.


Trials can help find the right fungicideHow to Set Up Your Fungicide Trial

Conducting a trial can help you choose the right fungicide for your operation. Learn more from Bayer expert Randy Myers.


Resistance is changing effective weed control and weed scoutingImprove Corn Herbicide Programs through Effective Weed Scouting

If you’re about to head out and scout your fields, it’s important to know how this year’s weed pressure informs next year’s input decisions.


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