Horticulture Education Webinar Series

Crop Science is committed to bringing horticulture growers valuable information on topics that affect their crops and businesses. As part of this commitment, Bayer is sponsoring a Horticulture Education Webinar Series to deliver critical insights on grower challenges and to discuss the latest strategies and solutions for crop management. Select the crop below you would like to learn more about.


Horticulture Education Series 

The first webinar of the series, “Minimizing nematode impact on Almonds” took place on Thursday, April 24, 2014 with Western Fruit Grower.The webinar was led by Dr. Mike McKenry, nematologist emeritus at University of California, Riverside who studies nematodes in tree and vine crops with a specialty in field pathogenicity and practical control of nematodes in perennial crops. During the hour-long webinar, Dr. McKenry examined how nematodes impact root systems and the damage this causes to the overall health of the tree.

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Postharvest Diseases of Cherries 

The second installment of the Horticulture Education Webinar Series sponsored by Crop Science took place on Thursday, July 17, 2014 with Western Fruit Grower. The webinar discussed how to detect, identify and combat postharvest diseases of cherries. The webinar was led by Dr. Jim Adaskaveg, professor, plant pathologist, mycologist and epidemiologist at University of California, Riverside. During the hour-long webinar, Dr. Adaskaveg discussed postharvest decay organisms and major diseases of sweet cherry, including brown rot, gray mold and powdery mildew.

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Weed Management in Wine Grapes

The third installment of the Crop Science Horticulture Education Series, “Weed Management in Grapes,” took place Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014 with Western Fruit Grower. The webinar discussed how to control weeds, even resistant types, in wine grapes.

The webinar was led by John Roncoroni, weed science farm advisor at University of California Cooperative ExtensionNevada Smith, Herbicide product manager at Crop Science, also joined the webinar to answer questions about how Alion® helps growers manage difficult weeds in wine grapes. As part of the hour-long webinar, Roncoroni discussed different types of weeds, including both old and new varieties, and the best time of year to treat for weeds. He also compared weed control practices and discussed the differences between herbicide resistance and herbicide tolerance.

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“Integrated Disease Management of Potatoes” webinar led by Dr. Amanda Gevens cover slide with background of freshly harvested potatoes

Hear about the latest research and trends affecting potato growers in this webinar, presented with Spudman magazine. Dr. Amanda Gevens, assistant professor and extension plant pathologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, shares insight into the industry's most pressing integrated disease management issues, including early blight and late blight.

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To watch the full presentation, please visit http://spudman.com/index.php/educational-videos and to learn more about Luna fungicide, please click here .

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