Teen Jacob Shuman Honored for His TEACH B Program

Thursday, May 12, 2016
By: Dr. Becky Langer, Project Manager
4-H Youth in Action Awards 2016

I have such fond memories and great lessons learned during my time in 4-H as a kid! Whether it was the excitement of picking a new baby animal at the start of the each year with hopes that it would be the future Grand Champion, or all the practical lessons like public speaking, record keeping, budgeting, negotiation, community service and collaboration that I gained, there is no way I could pay back 4-H and all the affiliated individuals for the great values it bestowed on me as a kid from small-town, Oregon. 

Recently, I was honored to receive an invitation to represent Bayer at the 4-H Legacy Awards dinner, where I got a chance to see what the Youth In Action Award winners were achieving through 4-H. Much to my delight, the top candidate in the Agriculture and Animal Sciences pillar also has a passion for bees.

Jacob Shuman became a supporter for honey bees and the community after finding out that Ross County (his home) was one of the unhealthiest counties for bees in Ohio. 4-H helped motivate Jacob to teach others about the honey bee and its connection to agriculture. “He’s really become an advocate for bees and the community,” says Chris Brunyis, Ohio State University Extension Educator, “and you don’t often see that in youth.”

Recently, Jacob was selected as this year’s winner of the Agriculture & Animal Sciences pillar for the 4-H Youth in Action Award. This is one of the highest honors that a 4-H member can receive, and Jacob is being recognized for his development of the TEACH B’s (Teens Educating Adults and Children about Honey Bees) program. A program that he set up to help inspire others through live demonstrations and sessions on the importance of bees to agriculture and the economy.

We are proud of his accomplishments, as well as the other members who applied for this category, and look forward to his future efforts in agriculture and the community.

4-H National Legacy Awards gala with Bayer Bee Care team
Becky Langer, Bayer Bee Health (left), and Jeff Donald, Bayer Communications (right), are pictured with award winner Jacob Shuman and his father (center), at the 4-H National Legacy Awards gala, held recently in Washington, D.C.

I encourage you to watch the video below to learn more about Jacob and his inspiring story.


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