One World to Grow On at Farm Progress 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

At Bayer CropScience, we’re continuously working to propel farming’s future by addressing the world’s agricultural challenges, big and small. It’s a tall order, but our passion is rooted from the ground up- constantly working to improve agriculture, our communities and our overall well-being.

With the “One World to Grow On” theme, we’re illustrating our passion of working alongside growers to develop the understanding and answers to today’s most pressing agricultural issues. In the “One World to Grow On” booth experience, we walk through pivotal decision-making times from Harvest to Planting where the right decisions lead to better outcomes.

Visitors start at the end point – the successful harvest – seeing the outcome we are all striving for. They then follow the path in reverse through all the decisions that led to that healthier crop – from crop protection, through seed treatments, and even in-seed technology.

Bayer CropScience is committed to understanding growers – spending time on the farm, listening, learning, and using local insight to understand the issues that growers face. By walking the path through the following four stages of crop growth, we have another opportunity to visit with producers about the key decisions that affect the outcome of their harvest, and the innovative solutions offered by Bayer CropScience. A successful tomorrow begins here!

At the 2012 Farm Progress Show, growers and ag professionals will learn to:


Have a Successful Harvest

Successfully manage crops all the way to harvest and sustain your business for years to come.

After a positive growing season, revisiting lessons learned can help shape decisions for the following season. Growing from experience often impacts future plans.


Maintain the Potential

Protect and nourish your crops, business and community.

Coaxing the most out of your crop includes walking a fine line between too much and too little attention. Finding the proper balance is necessary, and goes a long way towards a successful growing season and a profitable business.


Establish a healthy crop

Preparation for unpredictability pays in happy returns.

Decisions made early on can have a significant impact on your end results. Taking steps to ensure healthier crop establishment puts you in a position to maximize your outcome at harvest.


Plan for Success

Select tools that perform this season and beyond.

Our planet isn’t getting any bigger, so we need to focus our efforts to grow as successful of a crop as possible. Figuring out how to get the most out of our resources is more imperative today that it ever has been.

Booth Highlights:

  • Earn $50 in Innovation Plus points for visiting us!
  • Get an origami wheat head made of Prosaro® dollars from our origami artist
  • Join our Man vs. Weed® campaign and strike a victory pose to “Be the Man” in a photo
  • Answer a poll in our Conversation Corner and view the daily results on Twitter
  • Get a row crop trophy magnet for triumphing over worms with Belt®
  • Learn how to enter to win our 2013 Young Farmer Sustainability Award
  • Play with an interactive corn seedling model and watch Poncho®/VOTiVO®® in action
  • View testimonials and videos from successful growers
  • Watch an interactive tour of our new 60,000 square foot greenhouse in North Carolina
  • Learn to fight back against weeds with Respect the Rotation

We look forward to seeing you at Farm Progress Show! Tweet us your photos from the show at @Bayer4CropsUS and leave us a comment about how you liked our booth!


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