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Monday, February 27, 2012
Bee Health

We recently initiated a global “Bee Care Program” that includes two dedicated “Bayer Bee Care Centers.”  One center will open in Monheim, Germany in mid-summer 2012, and the second will open in North Carolina later in the year.  We feel this collaboration is essential in order to find sustainable solutions that will improve bee health.

The new centers will:

  • Serve as a scientific and communication platform to consolidate existing and future bee projects from Bayer companies in cooperation with external partners

  • Foster information sharing

  • Provide a platform for discussion and new ideas

Bayer CropScience is working with the agricultural communities worldwide to ensure safe use of crop protection products which are essential to protect plants from pests and diseases.  We take our responsibility to bee health very seriously.  We make great efforts to ensure that our products can be used in a bee-responsible manner through thorough researching and extensive product testing.  The Bee Care Program and Bee Care Centers will bring Bayer’s extensive experience and knowledge of bee health under one roof and will ensure that dedicated resources for bee health are available.

Given the essential role that honey bees and other pollinators play in the pollination of a large number of food crops, there has been considerable public interest in the discussions and science related to honey bee health and colony losses over the last few years. Although the global number of bee colonies increased by approximately 45 percent over the last half century the decline in Europe and North America over recent years due to a number of factors including diseases, parasites, extreme climatic and environmental factors and also certain agricultural and apicultural practices is concerning.

Bayer has it’s own Bee expert on staff. Have a question regarding bees, ask Dick. (link to new web page:



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