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Monday, February 27, 2012

For us, innovation has never been an end in itself—and it never will be. The promise of ‘Science for a Better Life’ has long guided our efforts. Our success has always been measured by our ability to provide solutions to our customers that help grow their businesses raise more abundant crops and improve the health and well-being of people, animals, plants, the environment and our global communities, and our ability to understand how they work together.

Farmers throughout the word face challenges such as population growth, climate change, the rising demand for energy and increased urbanization every day.  It’s more important than ever to innovate sustainable solutions that work within our modern agricultural system.

Our sustainability commitment is to address three specific areas of focus without compromising a related responsibility to all of our stakeholders.

  • Food, Health and Well-being: To deliver world-class science and innovation that provide solutions to help grow a more abundant food supply for better health and quality of life

  • People and Partnerships: To develop our people through education and training and foster partnerships that advance sustainability through the communities where we live and work

  • Together with Nature: To improve agricultural and urban landscape management, conserve habitats and foster environmental stewardship, and reduce our own carbon footprint and that of our products

Learn more about Bayer’s sustainability practices here or download our Sustainable Development brochure.  What do you think about our sustainability practices?  What is your sustainability commitment?


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