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Friday, June 8, 2012

Science and education are important to Bayer CropScience and our boots are on the ground all over the North Carolina State University (NCSU) campus.  For the past two years, we’ve been partnering with the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) to explore and improve the supply chain industry.  Students have worked with Bayer’s Crop Supply Chain, Environmental Supply Chain and Procurement departments. Bayer’s Distribution Safety  / Bulk Logistics Manager, David Stengl works with all three Bayer departments and NCSU to identify projects that meet the students capabilities. “I enjoy working with the students and having them take an academic approach to our projects,” says Stengl.

One of the 5 SCRC projects this spring semester was titled “Inventory Forecast Accuracy and Inventory Reduction Research”, led by Sarah Green, along with BCS team members Kerri Bray and Robert Waked.  The group consisted of 3 seniors, Gregory Cognetti, Parker Cole and Joseph Moyer, who were under the direction of NC State Teaching Assistant Professor, Tracy Freeman.  The team worked diligently at:

  • Creating an excel based analysis tool (which incorporated critical data factors, such as sales forecast accuracy and production history) to help Sarah more accurately forecast the Crop Protection inventory budget and reduce the amount of time spent on data analysis.

  • Researched best practices on inventory reduction methods, which brought to light a performance metric called “Quality Inventory Ratio”, that will soon be adopted within the Region North America internal Supply Chain performance review.
“I am looking forward to using the inventory forecast accuracy tool this August to help me with the 2013 budget process.  This team did a fantastic job staying focused and I give them high praise for weeding through and analyzing all the data Kerri and I gave them.  I hope to use NC State’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative in the future!” says Sarah Green, Regional Inventory Management.

Another project was done by Taylor Lawson, Alexander Brandt and Kevin Weisner.  The BCS sponsors were David Stengl and Rob Carman.  The purpose of this project was to develop a methodology to track the carbon footprint of BCS’s third-party warehouses located throughout the United States.  The project team was tasked with:
  • Researching carbon emissions and methods used to track the carbon footprint of a warehouse.  After discussing this project with experts , such as Nick Hamon, they decided to focus on Scope 2 carbon emissions.  Scope 2 include indirect emissions from consumption of electricity , heat and steam.

  • Creating and sending a survey to our 25 warehouse locations.  The results from these surveys were inputted into the Excel model that the students created and a carbon emissions score was calculated for each warehouse.

“This is the fourth semester that I have worked with the SCRC.  I sponsored two projects this semester (Warehouse Carbon Footprint and Motor Carrier Safety Audit Process) and the students did a great job.  These projects will help us track the carbon footprint of our Distribution network and develop a process to perform safety audits on the trucking companies we use to move our products.  I have already started to think of projects for next semester”, says David Stengl, Distribution Safety  / Bulk Logistics Manager.

Thank you to the brilliant, insightful students who completed this semester’s projects and the participating Bayer staff members.  We look forward to working with NC State and SCRC for many years to come!

From left to right – Tracy Freeman, Gregory Cognetti, Sarah Green (BCS), Parker Cole, Joseph Moyer, and Kerri Bray (BCS)"

About the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC)
The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) is a unique, industry-university partnership dedicated to advancing the supply chain industry and the professionalism of its practitioners. Based in the Poole College of Management at NC State University in North Carolina’s dynamic Research Triangle area, the SCRC provides support, services and programs to benefit three overlapping constituent groups: supply chain management students, Poole College of Management SCM faculty, and corporate partners from diverse businesses and industries.


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