Adrian Percy: Filling The Talent Gap In Ag

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

USDA predicts that there will be an annual deficit of 54,000 jobs in agriculture from 2010 to 2015. That’s an incredible number of jobs to be filled in order for companies like Bayer CropScience, as well as family farms across the U.S., to continue the mission of feeding a hungry planet.

At today’s CropWorld North America Conference, representatives from the National FFA, Bayer CropScience, BASF and NC State University are participating in a session titled, “Retaining, recruiting and developing a robust pool of talent in the agriculture sector.” The panel is discussing the issue of agriculture workforce shortages and how to build a sustainable pipeline of talent for our industry.

Research shows great career opportunities exist in the agriculture sector that are somewhat isolated from economic downturns, with competitive salaries and much room for future growth. However, the average enrollment in agriculture studies amounts to about 4% of the overall post-secondary education enrollment. With such a noble mission and opportunities that rival any industry in terms of variety and advanced technology, why is agriculture getting such a small slice of the pie?

We as an industry must do a better job to spread the word of the endless opportunities that exist in agriculture due to a growing demand for food worldwide. Companies like Bayer CropScience must support and encourage STEM education and leadership development from elementary school through university to ensure a pipeline of educated, qualified employees for the future. I encourage all in agriculture to support agriculture education and to tout the opportunities available in our industry.

About Adrian Percy:

Adrian Percy is Vice President, Development North America. His team has responsibility for the development of crop protection products for the US market as well as providing technical support for our marketing and sales organization, customers and co-operators. He began his career in 1991 as a Toxicologist with Rhone-Poulenc in France. Since then, he has held numerous positions in the Research and Development departments of Bayer CropScience and its legacy companies in France, Germany and the USA.


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