Bayer Discusses Bee Health on NBC Nightly News

Friday, May 11, 2012
Bee Health

Last night NBC Nightly News broadcast a segment on honey bee health decline and the alleged link to neonicotinoid seed treatment products. The interview featured Dr. David Fischer, director of ecotoxicology for Bayer CropScience, who provided valuable information related to the safety of our products, particularly for honey bees.

In addition to the broadcast report, NBC posted a 3-minute interview online with Dr. Fischer discussing in depth our opinion on bees, their health, recent studies and the importance of seed treatments to agriculture. A positive takeaway from the interview was the need to work together to address the issues of bee health.

We ask you to consider sharing this link with your stakeholders who are interested in this topic as it sheds light on the discussion of honey bee health.

Dave Fischer interview:

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Iain Kelly, PhD
Head of the North American Bee Health
Bayer CropScience, LP


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