Growers Take to the Field to Discover Bayer’s Latest Crop Solutions

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bayer CropScience recently hosted nearly 100 influential growers and agriculture media, including Spudman, Potato Grower Magazine, and The Capital Press, at Miller Research Center in Rupert, Idaho. Herb Young, product manager of Bayer’s Luna® fungicide, presented the latest developments of Luna Tranquility since its EPA registration in February 2012.

Bayer’s Movento® insecticide also was discussed as Jeff Miller of Miller Research Center presented information about the increased presence of Psyllids in the Pacific Northwest. Kelly Luff, Bayer technical service representative, presented information about Movento’s multi-pest control and the suppression of Columbia root-knot and stubby root nematode. Luff also recommended that growers keep in mind that earlier applications of Movento provide better control and that sequential applications are a best practice.

Demonstrating Bayer’s pioneer work in agriculture, the field tour also showcased two of Bayer’s newest innovations in crop protection for 2013, Emesto® Silver seed treatment for potatoes and Propulse™ fungicide for dry beans and peanuts. Charlie Bergmann, Bayer’s Emesto Silver product manager, was on hand to give attendees insight into the benefits that this ground-breaking new seed treatment will provide. Growers learned that Emesto Silver offers control of seed-borne Rhizoctonia that can lead to tuber rot and Silver scurf. With this protection, research indicates that Emesto Silver can provide a 13 percent yield boost.

Following the presentations, attendees had the opportunity to tour field plots and view the effectiveness of the Bayer’s products compared to non-treated crops and crops treated with a competitive product. Fungicide Timing and Chemigation Volume trials showed Luna Tranquility surpassed industry standards.

The Luna Tranquility difference was obviously visible as an attendee remarked, “You can see there aren’t as many holes, less early-blight, and you can even see increased plant health.”

The day ended on a high note as everyone was transported back to the Miller Research Center having been enriched with information from the field. Attendees also used the opportunity to discuss product experiences and share the anticipation of new management practices to increase and improve 2013 harvests.


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