Making Science Make Sense Hosts Teacher Workshop

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We received two green thumbs up from science teachers in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina who attended Bayer CropScience’s 2nd Annual Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop last month. Thirty science teachers (from grades 3 through 5) got their hands dirty for a free workshop at our Innovation Center in Morrisville, N.C.

The Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop aimed to teach about environmental sustainability and provide teachers with materials and hands-on science experiments to share with students. After a brief overview of Bayer CropScience and its mission, we led the teachers through a series of three experiments. The first experiment focused on the properties of matter and separating particles using different filters. The second experiment covered the basic particles of soil, sand, silt and clay. For the third experiment, Bayer biologists worked with teachers to extract DNA from a strawberry or banana. In each of the experiments, teachers were tasked with creating their own lesson plans using the given materials.

Teachers breaking down the cell wall of strawberries and bananas.

Workshop attendees took a tour of our state-of-the-art research facility, the Innovation Center. They received an inside look at what science looks like in practice in the agriculture industry. Employing many of the world’s leading researchers in the agricultural biotech industry, the Innovation Center drives the company’s robust R&D pipeline through commercial gene discovery, trait generation and product development. To finish out the day, Bayer CropScience employee Bruce Young wowed teachers with a science show, which included everything from leaf blowers and hardboiled eggs, to dish soap and dry ice.

Feedback received about the workshop has been very positive:

“This was the single best workshop I have participated in, and unfortunately, I also put them on! I was so excited, that I went home and showed my nephew all of Bruce's experiments that we could find on YouTube. He was floored and so anxious to try them at home. My 6-year-old nephew’s first question was, “What is the objective of your experiment?” Please continue to do the wonderful work with the Making Science Make Sense program that you do. Thanks so much.”

- Jennifer H. Frydrychowicz, MSEd
Coordinating Teacher- K-12 Program Support
Special Education Services
Wake County Public School System

A big ‘thanks’ goes out to all the participants of this year’s Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop! It’s teachers like you who inspire our next generation of scientists, and we at Bayer CropScience thank you for your dedication to this important discipline.

Did you attend the workshop? Let us know what you liked best and what you’d like to see next time! Leave a comment below or tweet us @Bayer4CropUS.


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