Texas Grower Wins FiberMax One Ton Club Truck

Friday, April 26, 2013
Duane Braden and his wife, Carla Fibermax One Ton Club winners

What can you do with one ton of cotton? Two thousand pounds of cotton fiber can make 860 jeans, 3,060 dress shirts, or 17,284 socks. That’s a lot of socks. But for one Texas cotton grower, a ton of cotton won him a truck – the FiberMax® One Ton Club truck.

Duane Braden and his wife, Carla, won a two-year lease on a Ford® Super Duty® F-350 King Ranch® truck, given annually in a drawing during the FiberMax One Ton Club banquet. The One Ton Club honors growers who produce 2,000 pounds or more of FiberMax cotton per acre, on at least 20 acres.

Earlier this month, Bayer recognized 194 growers for producing One Ton Club yields in the 2012 season, the largest number of members ever in one season. Since 2005, Bayer has inducted 527 growers into the club.

Braden is no stranger to the FiberMax One Ton Club. He has qualified for the club for six years, and his uncle Kenneth Braden won the truck lease in 2010. For the Bradens, you could say that FiberMax cotton and the One Ton Club are family traditions.

We caught up with Duane for a quick Q&A after this year’s FiberMax One Ton Club banquet:

Q: What FiberMax varieties did you plant to qualify for the One Ton Club this year?

A: FM 2484B2F and FM 9160B2F

Q: What was your average yield on your One Ton Club acres?

A: 2,505 pounds, or 5.2 bales

Q: How did you produce One Ton Club yields during a tough growing season in the Southwest?

A: We had good water and fertilizer, and we had a little bit of rain during the growing season that helped us along. FiberMax varieties always yield well for me, they have high-quality fiber, and they perform well on my farm.

Q: What were you thinking when they drew your name for the FiberMax One Ton Club truck?

A: They said my name, and I just sat there. I could not imagine this at all. I had to let it sink in for a second, but it’s exciting that this year’s FiberMax One Ton Club truck is coming back to St. Lawrence County.

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