Well-Known Broadcaster Discusses California Agriculture with Bayer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
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A key source of information for California growers, CBS Sacramento’s Walt Shaw provides agriculture updates to growers in central California. Walt’s “Farm and Agriculture Report” radio show airs each Sunday and covers informative and timely topics with subject experts.  In an effort to provide listeners with up-to-date information on this season’s disease and pest developments, Walt interviewed Bayer product managers Charlie Bergmann, Steve Olson and Nevada Smith about California agriculture trends.

The product managers were able to provide valuable advice to growers on how to approach upcoming challenges and opportunities for tree nut and wine grape crops. The conversations kicked off with a discussion of best practices for managing diseases and pests this season, including:

  • Scouting for issues early to stay ahead of diseases and pests

  • Using the right materials at the correct time

  • Using the correct rates

  • Practicing good resistance management techniques

By following this four-step method to help keep crops disease- and pest-free, growers can proactively combat potential challenges and produce a healthier, more abundant crop.

Additionally, the segment highlighted disease and pest threats that growers should be prepared for throughout the year. The growing threat of resistance issues for pistachios and almonds with Alternaria and Hull Rot is a key area of interest for California tree nut growers, as both diseases are capable of causing major drops in yield.  A variety of potential pest issues also threaten the area this season. Pest populations to look out for in key California crops this season include Mealybugs, Aphids, Scale and Nematodes.

The program also touched on recent biologics advancements in the industry and the importance of viewing the use of biologics not as a trend, but as a standard operating procedure. By incorporating alternative solutions into an overall integrated pest management (IPM) program, growers have the opportunity to diversify their current IPM toolbox, better combat crop threats and incorporate a more integrated combination of practices into their management program.

To learn more about upcoming trends for California crops and Bayer’s horticulture solutions from seed to harvest, click below to listen to conversations on Walt Shaw’s “Farm and Agriculture Report.”



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