Field Tour Highlights Ongoing Product Research at Bayer’s Western Field Technology Station

Monday, July 8, 2013
Bayer scientists in corn field

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Bayer CropScience hosted a field tour for growers, pest control advisers (PCAs) and media to learn about ongoing product research and new innovations for horticulture crops.

The field tour aimed to educate attendees on current product innovations and integrated offerings within Bayer’s horticulture portfolio. During the tour, attendees learned about product research, product trials and portfolio advancements.

Field tour attendees hopped on trailers to visit research plots and see the results of research on Alion® herbicide in tree nuts, Movento® insecticide in almonds and Serenade Soil® fungicide in young trees and tomatoes. Attendees were able to discuss product successes in each trial with Bayer researchers and representatives in real time.

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"The field tour provided growers with a unique opportunity to see research and results first hand," said Nevada Smith, Bayer biologics and herbicide product manager. "Our attendees were pleased to see Bayer’s dedication to research and development and left with a heightened understanding of our integrated solutions."”

Bayer continues to work with researchers and growers to understand industry needs and provide integrated solutions for the most prominent issues at hand.

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