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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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The year 1863 was an important year for innovation. The first underground railway opened in London; Henry Ford was born; the first U.S. newspaper was printed on wood-pulp paper; a patent was granted for a process of making color photos; and Bayer was founded by two friends, Friedrich Bayer and partner, Johann Friedrich Weskott.

In the 150 years since, Bayer has contributed much to improving people’s and animals´ lives. Each and every day, our 110,000 global employees strive to live our mission: Science for a Better Life.

While we may have much to celebrate throughout 2013, we’re looking forward to the next 150 years of developing groundbreaking products, high-performance materials, medicine, and scientific techniques.

At Bayer CropScience, we believe we are setting the standard not only through innovation but also through sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship and making a positive difference in the communities where we live, work and play. We have development pipelines in both crop protection and seed technology that are well stocked with promising projects.

We’re thankful for Bayer employees today, tomorrow and throughout our 150 years. Without their hard work, these developments would not have been possible. And, we’re optimistic for the future, thanks to brilliant employees, modern technology and most of all, the customers that have supported us and our products throughout the years and in the years to come. Thank you.

– Jim Blome, President and CEO of Bayer CropScience LP
Bayer CropScience 150 years celebration
Many know Bayer for Aspirin and other household names. Here are seven of Bayer’s contributions you might not have known about that better people and plant’s lives around the globe:

1) Wallpaper to prevent building collapse during earthquakes: Bayer MaterialScience

Earthquakes that cause buildings to collapse are a deadly threat to many parts of the world. To ensure that masonry and walls remain stable despite seismic quakes, scientists at Bayer MaterialScience teamed up with industrial and academic partners to develop the earthquake protection system EQ-Top™. Combined with a special adhesive from Bayer, the glass fiber fabric makes masonry extremely stable and is as easy to install as wallpaper. It prevents apartment and office buildings from becoming deathtraps during earthquakes. >> Learn more

2) Varroa Gate: Bayer Bee Care Program

A tiny parasite has repeatedly triggered massive bee mortality in the United States and Europe: the varroa mite is capable of annihilating entire bee colonies. As conventional control methods against the constant mite infiltrations have remained unsuccessful, Bayer's scientists have now developed the "varroa gate." The innovative door is positioned at the entrance to the beehive: each time a bee enters, it brushes against a special substance that is toxic to mites and carries it inside. >>Learn more

3) New active ingredient improves prognosis in heart failure: Bayer HealthCare

Cardiovascular diseases impact the lives of patients and their family members. Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death worldwide. Scientists at Bayer HealthCare have developed an active ingredient that supports the weakened heart and can markedly improve the prognosis for patients suffering from the cardiovascular disease. Recent tests indicate that it can prevent pathological restructuring of the cardiac muscle, keeping the heart muscle supple. >> Learn more

4) Novel mosquito nets with integrated active ingredient: Bayer CropScience

Every year more than 880,000 people die from malaria worldwide, more than 85 percent of them children under five. The most important form of protection against mosquitoes is a fine-mesh net with a weave as fine as a bride’s veil. Researchers from Bayer CropScience found a way of incorporating insecticides directly into the fibers of a plastic fabric to provide people in the tropics with long-term night-time protection against mosquitoes. >> Learn More

5) Shatterproof plastic - Makrolon®: Bayer MaterialScience

In 1963, Bayer MaterialScience revolutionized kitchens and camping sites with the introduction of lightweight, shatterproof plastic that is temperature and weather resistant. Makrolon® is used to keep water bottles cool, create break resistant headlights, CDs and protective cases, sports helmets, athletic and personal eyewear and much more. >> Learn more

6) FiberMax™ and Stoneville™ Cotton: Bayer CropScience

The demand for cotton is huge: shirts, curtains, kitchen towels, jeans, and bed sheets, not to mention bandages, diapers, candlewicks, coffee filters and even banknotes. We help farmers meet this demand with our high-performing cotton seeds. We've also introduced a certification system which documents the authenticity of cotton. The quality mark is used from seed through to yarn and beyond. It protects both processors and the reputation of the farmers who grow genuine FiberMax™ and Stoneville™ cotton. >> Learn more

7) Spot-on technology for applying pet protection products: Bayer Animal Health

Bayer Animal Health is a leading provider of parasite solutions for cats and dogs. We achieved a key breakthrough in this area with the launch of our innovative spot-on technology. With spot-on formulations, a small amount of liquid product is applied to skin on the animal's back, to provide appropriate dosing and convenience to pet owners. >> Learn more

Learn more about the past 150 years of Bayer: Science for a Better Life


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