Bayer CropScience Propels Farming’s Future With Third Executive Sustainability Course

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Bayer NC State Executive Series attendees

Bayer CropScience recently teamed up with NC State University’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Poole College of Management for the third for Sustainability in Agriculture: A Bayer Executive Course. The three-day event, held in January in Cary, N.C., brought together top minds in the professional and academic agriculture spheres to discuss collaboration on finding answers to the world’s most pressing food problems. The global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and agricultural sustainability solutions are necessary to ensure an abundant and healthy food supply worldwide. During the course, a wide range of topics were covered by Bayer CropScience executives, NC State professors and guests, including how to consistently meet the food needs of a growing world population; “Global Drivers for Agricultural Sustainability;” “Innovation and Technology in Agriculture;” “The Corporate Value of Sustainability;” “Building Partnerships/Driving Business and Sustainability;” and more.

Corporate entities in attendance (Walmart, MillerCoors, Land O’ Lakes, and Cotton Inc., among others) were able to discuss the tools necessary to address sustainability in cooperation with various scientists, researchers and professors. Encouraging a strong relationship between the brightest business and academic minds is a key goal for Bayer CropScience in their efforts to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner. Because of these efforts, the executive course is able to provide a forum to find sustainable solutions to the world’s food supply concerns

Listen to a podcast with Dr. Tom Rufty, NC State professor of crop science: Sustainability Podcast.

Listen to a podcast on the event with Dr. David Tarpy, associate professor of entomology and extension apiculturist at NC State: Podcast Event.


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