Happy National Ag Day!

Monday, March 18, 2013
Say thanks to farmers on National Ag Day

March 19 is a day to celebrate the hard-working people and agribusinesses that provide food for our bellies, feed for our animals and clothes on our backs.  In 1900, the average American farm fed seven people.  Today, the average farm feeds about 144 people.  Just over one year ago, the world population was estimated to have exceeded 7 billion people, and by 2050, this figure will rise to 9 billion. Concerns about meeting the challenge to feed a hungry planet are well founded.  The amount of food needed over the next 20 years will be twice as much that was produced over the past 10,000 years.  Today is a great day to share information about agriculture! Happy National Ag Day!

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Bayer CropScience is making an impact in the agriculture industry because of our incredible employees.  Many people who work at Bayer CropScience grew up on family farms and have gardens at their homes.  They are passionate about our mission to feed a hungry planet and make a difference where we live, work and play. We asked employees to share what they loved about agriculture in honor of National Ag Day and here are a few of our favorites:

I love agriculture because it is a science that sustains the world’s food supply. As our farmland gets smaller and smaller, it is great to see so many people who dedicate their lives to feeding more people with less land. Whether with plants and animals, or fungi and fibers, agriculture is prudent to modern civilization and our modern society. Without agriculture there would be no surplus of foods to support our large communities. I am proud to work for Bayer CropScience.” – Ryan L, Logistics

I grew up working on our family farm, so I appreciate the work that goes into getting food to our tables. The work that Bayer does enables farmers to get more from their land, which puts more food onto the tables of the world's growing population and more money into their pockets. By ensuring the stability of their businesses, we can all work together to feed our hungry planet.” – Mike B, Procurement

I love ag because I love to eat!” – Drew P, Development, North America

I love the challenge of helping to feed, clothe and fuel a growing world. The most basic of all needs rely on the tremendous present and future contribution of agriculture to meet these growing needs. It's a serious, intensive and gratifying responsibility to work with those that contribute to the good of mankind.” – Bill D, CropScience

There is nothing better tasting than the first tomato from your garden.” Chuck H, PSNA Technology

I love food :) and the connections to the people who make it all happen - farmers and ranchers throughout the world.” – Brad B, Support

I love fresh food, I love to get out of the suburbs and visit a farm and I love that the farming community still stands for good American values.” Cathrine I, Environmental Science

My relatives are farmers and I enjoy growing vegetables.  There's nothing like a freshly grown tomato!  Growing a successful crop is not easy, there are many factors that can affect the final outcome.  I love agriculture because it's all about overcoming these challenges and growing new life!” – Bruce Y, Human Safety Assessment

We need vitamins everyday to nourish our body. Some of these vitamins come only from vegetables. Through agriculture, vegetables are grown on big acres and then sold to suppliers, from where people like me can buy them at a reasonable price. Agriculture provides food for the world to eat. It is a key role in society's survival. Being a vegetarian for the last 8 years has only reinforced my support and appreciation of agriculture.” – Mahadeo R, Sencor FOE Plant

I love agriculture because it has a tremendous and lasting impact on the lives of people around the world today and on the future lives of generations to come.” – Tao W, Biologics Product Supply

I have had the pleasure of working in agriculture my whole life and it has given me the chance to work with and watch some of the most dedicated and truly wonderful people. Providing food and fiber for the world's growing population will be one of the greatest challenges we face in this century.” – Brad P, Commercial Operations - Field Sales

I love agriculture because I am hungry 23 hours a day. Growing food and a lot of it is a good thing.” – Jack Y, Maintenance

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Happy National Ag Day! Thank you to all of the farmers and agribusinesses that are propelling the future of farming and keeping us all fed and clothed!


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