Corn Growers: Get a Head Start on Your Yield Bump

Thursday, May 30, 2013
2013 Stratego YLD Early Season benefits

Get a head start on your yield bump. Adding an early treatment of Stratego® YLD fungicide to your corn delivers improved stalk strength, proven disease control and better yields. When preceding a tassel application, get even higher yield potential than from a tassel spray alone. Check out our video below to see more on why it pays to add an early treatment of Stratego YLD to your fungicide program.

  • Broad Spectrum Control: Contains the newest triazole technology for broad-spectrum control of all important fungal diseases in corn and soybeans, such as anthracnose leaf blight and eyespot.

  • Improves Stalk Strength: Stronger stalks with reduced risk of lodging and green snap for improved harvestability.

  • Helps Maintain Plant Health: Plants stay greener longer for an improved window of grain fill.

  • Yield Bump: In 2010-11 trials, Stratego YLD applications at early season provided an average 6.8 bushels per acre yield bump over untreated checks.

  • Conveniently Tankmixes: Tankmix compatibility with many other crop protection products growers already typically apply early season, including Liberty® herbicide, Laudis® herbicide and glyphosate.

  • Application Flexibility: Easy-to-use SC formulation at a size-appropriate rate range of 2 to 5 fl oz/A*. Sprays via ground rig are possible, providing application flexibility.

  • More Complete Plant Coverage: Application between the V4 and V7 growth stages allows for more complete plant coverage.

*Minimum use rate of 4 fl oz/A on corn larger than V7.


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