Bayer Introduces New Planter Lubricant to Further Reduce Dust When Planting

Monday, November 18, 2013
Corn in field using Bayer fluency agent

Field trials recently conducted on more than 40,000 acres throughout North America confirm the success of the new Bayer seed treatment application technology. The product is designed to further reduce potential dust exposure to honey bees during a typical planting process and offer improved handling efficiencies to farmers. The Bayer Fluency Agent proved to be a superior alternative to traditional talc or graphite planter lubricants during laboratory trials:

  • Ninety percent reduction in total dust versus talc
  • Sixty percent reduction in total dust versus graphite
To illustrate the success of the new Fluency Agent, we developed a testimonial video with growers and beekeepers who participated in the trials.


The development of the new Fluency Agent is just the latest example of our 25-year commitment to developing products and solutions that help foster sustainable agriculture and collaboration among stakeholders concerned about bee health.


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    Clover Blossom Honey bee yard in Indiana 

    Clover Blossom Honey bee yard owned by Indiana commercial beekeeper, Dave Shenefield




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