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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Celebrate Earth Day 2014 with Bayer Cropscience

By: Beth Roden, Head of Communications for Bayer CropScience U.S.

Beth Roden is head of communications for Bayer CropScience U.S., oversees corporate social responsibility activities for Bayer CropScience in North America, and is a member of the North America Executive Team.  Beth believes in the importance of social media to agriculture. Her and her team use social media as an education tool and to extend the dialogue to those that are touched by agriculture on a daily basis! Below Beth discusses the importance of Earth Day and how you can join the conversation to help us leave a better world.

Every year since 1970, communities around the world have been coming together on April 22 to discuss how to overcome environmental challenges. On this day, known as Earth Day, events and communications hope to inform the world about environmental issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment, and how  we can all work together to secure a healthy future.

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At Bayer CropScience, we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives as well as our planet. Today, the challenge facing agriculture is a formidable one: meet the food, fiber and fuel needs of more than 9 billion people by 2050, all while minimizing the environmental footprint of farming. The work we do helps farmers grow a nutritious food supply, not just for the nation, but for the world. This is an ever-evolving process of finding better ways to use our limited natural resources to produce more and better food, fuel and fiber. Research, education and communication will help us overcome these challenges.

Earth Day Note
Attendees at this year’s Commodity Classic shared how they will leave a better world.

  We believe if you can leave the world a little bit better than you found it, you've done your job.  Join us today as we celebrate Earth Day and work to make our world a better place.  How  will you leave a better world?

Share with us how you will #LeaveABetterWorld. Leave a comment below or tweet us at @Bayer4CropsUS.


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