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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
LibertyLink Soybean soybean field

By: Andrew Feller, 1st Choice Seeds®

1st Choice Seeds® is a growing independent seed company serving farmers in Indiana, Ohio and other eastern states. They sell hybrid seed corn, soybean seed and private label seed wheat. 1st Choice Seeds® are a great business partner to farmers who are focused on raising the most bushels possible per acre. We heard about Andrew Feller and the team’s success story with LibertyLink and he jumped on the opportunity to share. 1st Choice Seeds® and Andrew are not paid or compensated by Bayer CropScience or affiliates for this post. Here’s his story:


Last year in our double crop soybean fields, horseweed (marestail) escaped our glyphosate spray program which created concern for us. For 2014, we looked at switching the mode of action in our spray program so we did not build a weed bank of more glyphosate resistant marestail weed seed. When it came time to make our seed purchasing decision, we considered all the factors and elected to go with LibertyLink® soybeans.


LibertyLink ResultsThe wet month of June on our farm made it challenging to get in and post spray the soybean fields. Most fields were sprayed timely; however, we had one field with giant ragweed that was getting out of control. This field put our LibertyLink® system to the test. We sprayed a 28 oz. /acre rate applying 17.5 gal to the acre. As you can see from the pictures shown, we had excellent results. I couldn’t believe how quickly the Liberty herbicide stopped the weed growth. So far, we have had great experience in killing the giant ragweed, burr cucumber and marestail. I am looking forward to harvest and seeing where we yield!


About Andrew:

Andrew grew up in Wayne Co. Indiana and has been working on his father's farm since his whole life. He will be the 4th generation working the home farm.  He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Finance from Ball State University.  Andrew has been with 1st Choice Seeds since 2010 and is currently the Operations Lead, managing inventories, sales, and production.  Andrew is married with one daughter and looks forward to growing their family and the preparing the 5th generation to take over the family farm.Andrew Web, 1st Choice Seeds


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