Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop

By: Jeff Donald, External Communications, Bayer CropScience 

Earlier this summer, the Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop was held in Clayton, North Carolina. Teachers from around the area gathered for a day of learning and fun. The workshop is an annual tradition for Bayer CropScience, designed to engage local elementary school teachers and provide them with new and exciting classroom experiments specific to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Our MSMS team of Bayer CropScience employees have always received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our teachers. One teacher wrote:

A teacher conducts an experiment during the Making Science Make Sense Workshop in Clayton, North Carolina“Out of all the science workshops I have attended in my teaching career, this was by far the most awesome, usable, professional one! The hands-on labs, the take-home samples, the professional presentations, the beehive experience, and the wonderful meals were all reasons that made this an amazing experience.  ” 

          - Dawn D. Schmucker, Bethany Elementary School

The teachers were provided with gift bags that included materials to recreate multiple experiments in their classrooms. They also received Bayer Bee Care information, flash drives with preloaded audio of several popular experiments, and other teaching tools.  Bayer CropScience employees shared an array of exhilarating experiments, including a demonstration of the expansion of gasses. Brue Young, a scientist at Bayer CropScience, showed the teachers how to explain the expansion of gasses by adding hydrogen peroxide and Alka-Seltzer to a small plastic film canister. Within a few minutes an unexpected “pop” forced open the canister and sent it flying towards the ceiling!Teachers put on bee suits at the Making Science Make Sense Workshop in Clayton, North Carolina 

Later in the workshop, the teachers put on beekeeping suits and ventured out to the live bee hives. They were all excellent sports as they braved the heat and investigated the anatomy of the honey bee hives. Some of the teachers held bee-covered frames as they learned about the thousands of female workers that were scaling the combs. There were several expert apiarists there that did an excellent job of answering questions from the group.

Teachers put on bee keeper suits and learned about honey bees up close with Bayer Crop Science's live bee hives in Clayton, North CarolinaOverall, the day proved to be extremely educational and influential. Many of the teachers approached our Bayer CropScience MSMS team and thanked them for hosting such a wonderful program. Such great feedback makes our team look forward to hosting the MSMS Teacher Workshop for many years to come!

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  • Lizzie Casey said:
    8/15/2014 3:31 PM

    This workshop was such a blessing for me. Not only were we treated as well-respected professionals, but we were also provided countless resources for our classrooms. Thank you for all of your support. I'm sure I will return in a few years.

  • Dave Mesker said:
    8/13/2015 8:19 PM

    Attn: Jeff Donald, External Communications Dear Jeff, We here at CBS13 and CW31 in Sacramento share a common interest with Bayer CropScience in supporting the Powerhouse Science Center. I am having trouble reaching folks at your West Sacramento location and I was hoping you can help. Your company is trying to make an impact through Making Science Make Sense. We may be able to help your cause through a STEM legacy program developed by CBS Community Partnerships. Our partner media campaigns are powerful, action oriented and educational in scope. They are designed to leave an imprint on society and inspire kids K-12 to enter the STEM workforce. If you can click on this link it will give you a snapshot of our Community Partnerships. Please click on the box marked STEM to see a compelling, customized awareness campaign we created for one of our CBS partners. I also encourage you to click on the EcoMedia logo to see how CBS can reinvest your marketing and advertising dollars back into the Sacramento community. We have been talking to the Sacramento RiverCats about hosting the first ever STEM Day at Raley Field. They have tentatively scheduled Saturday, April 16th 2016 to host this event. This may be a great opportunity for Bayer CropScience to interact with and make an impression on kids K-12. Please let me know if the West Sacramento leaders would be open to an exploratory meeting to learn more about our STEM legacy media campaign and our tentative plans for STEM Day at Raley Field! Thank you, Dave Mesker KOVR-TV/KMAX-TV SACRAMENTO, CA Marketing/Advertising Specialist o 916.374.1360 c 513.607.7798 f 916.374.1466

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