35,000 pounds and Counting – Leaving a Better World at Farm Progress Show

Friday, August 22, 2014
35,000 pounds and counting – Leaving a Better World

By: Jim Blome, president and CEO, Bayer CropScience LP

We are excited to be a part of yet another Farm Progress Show. It is always an honor to be at the show and especially in Boone, Iowa, as it’s almost like going home for me. I grew up on a farm in Hubbard, Iowa and I am a proud Iowa State Cyclone! Farm Progress Show is a massive and exciting event. Over 10,000 growers and their families visit, which means there are tons of trash and, better yet, tons of recycled materials.

Three years ago Bayer CropScience noticed that recycling efforts weren’t standard for the show. As we’re always thinking about how we can #LeaveABetterWorld, we worked with the Farm Progress Show team to create the recycling effort. For the past three years we have helped recycle over 35,000 pounds of material. In ag terms, this equates to 800 bushels of corn or 650 bales of hay.

But that wasn’t enough! This year the team had a vision to bring our sustainability efforts to life with a spectacular piece of art created out of the recycled materials collected at the show.  

The interactive sculpture will come to life throughout the week. A talented team of artists from Georgia State University will create objects that represent efforts such as pollination, tree planting, food security, plant production and how they impact the world of agriculture.

The sculpture’s unique pieces will include birds and bees flying through the air, leaves on trees rustling in the wind, and corn “growing” in the fields – all created from the bottles, papers and plastics recycled at the show.  

All of these creations will be housed in a large barn – the symbol of American farming.  As it grows outside booth 1126, guests will see this transformation up-close.    

We are excited to share our passion for sustainable agriculture in large and small ways, such as our advancements in delivering new technology and innovation for growers and through efforts like the recycling at Farm Progress Show.   

We want to hear from you. What are you doing to #LeaveABetterWorld? Visit www.leaveabetterworld.bayer.us to share your idea.

We also invite you to join the conversation on Twitter @Bayer4CropsUS to watch the empty barn transform into a thriving and kinetic environmental landscape throughout the show/

We hope to see you at Farm Progress Show. Safe travels.

Jim Blome is the President & CEO for Bayer CropScience LP and the head of Crop Protection for the North American region. He grew up on a family farm in Hubbard, Iowa and is a graduate of Iowa State University.

Jim Blome, president and CEO, Bayer CropScience LP


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