#EatYourVeggies... for Breakfast!

Thursday, July 10, 2014
#EatYourVeggies – A Series From Your Favorite Ag Bloggers

By: “Rancher Girl”


The #EatYourVeggies campaign continues with a post from Rancher Girl on how she and her family incorporate vegetables in their breakfast. Rancher Girl was born in, and still calls, central Oklahoma her home. She is continuing a decade-long tradition of ranching life passed on to her by her Daddy. 


Working by her sideRancher Girl, owner of is the infamous “Flower Boy” (her husband), her sons, Tuff and Drew, and Tuff's wife Darbi.  Her other pastimes include caring for her beloved critters, photography, cooking, canning, blogging and spending time with all her family on the “Rockin' B Ranch.”  You can follow her blog at abuildingweshallgo.blogspot.com


Today, I am going to share with you what my sister and her husband make with their basket of home grown vegetables!


My sister, otherwise known as YoYoYoMoo, reports, "I pick a large handful of spinach and another of kale. I sauté some onions, peppers (bell and Anaheim), and three-to-four asparagus spears then add the spinach and kale and cook until it's wilted. I take three eggs and scramble them in the pan with the greens. The most delicious thing EVER! We just messed with this idea until we got it right. I know Flower Boy [her son] doesn't like veggies but this is super amazing."


I think this breakfast would be SO SO SO GOOD!Fresh asparagus, eggs, onions, peppers, spinach and kale


My sister is right – our kids don't care for veggies much. They are more meat and potato type eaters, which I’ve learned that this is a “rancher man” thing. Although they have never turned away anything I cook.


Our household will be trying this breakfast soon!


All the ingredients needed for this breakfast are readily available in the fresh veggie aisle of your local grocery or even better, the farmers market.


All this talk about veggies has me hungry! #EatYourVeggies!


I'm off to eat mine!



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