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Monday, July 28, 2014
Sustainable Modern Agriculture via Food Insight

By: Cassidy Reeh, Bayer CropScience External Communications Intern


Eating healthy is almost as important to Americans as spending time with loved ones according to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2014 Food & Health Survey.International Food Information Council Foundation


More and more Americans have found themselves investigating their foods and working to make more health conscious decisions. From beverage choice to fruits and veggies, the average consumer is at least beginning to acknowledge the benefits that they could reap from a healthier lifestyle. In the past year Americans have found themselves looking at labels and trading in the junk food for something a bit more wholesome.


People also care a great deal about where their food comes from.  Seven out of ten Americans have given thought to the production of their foods and beverages and 62 percent had “given at least a little thought to the environmental sustainability of their foods and beverages.”


Source: Foodinsight.org 

The new 2014 Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology Survey, also a provided by IFIC , showed that  most Americans have heard of biotechnology’s role in food production and find it primarily favorable when considering consumer benefits.  The difference in opinion between mom’s and non-moms is particularly astounding in the 2014 Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology Survey.  Nearly 77 percent of moms would be more likely to purchase foods that have been modified with biotechnology to eradicate any trans fats, whereas only 64 percent of non-moms would do the same.


With much media and political attention focused on food issues, it isn’t surprising that IFIC found that 70 percent of Americans have had conversations recently on food and beverage choices. Despite that, less than one quarter of those surveyed characterized those conversations as “emotional.”  

David B. Schmidt, president and CEO of the IFIC Foundation, said,  “Most consumers are making health a conscious decision and trust those experts and organizations with the most authoritative training and expertise.” Many Americans are beginning to look to helpful and dependable sources for information about their food.


Bayer is proud to partner with IFIC. The group helps tie Bayer’s work into the larger food chain and ultimately to people’s dinner table.


The IFICF survey did an excellent job of showcasing the shift in consumer’s self-awareness and commitment to trying to make healthier choices.  The statistics are leaning towards the possibility of a healthier and happier America. This health movement will hopefully leave an impression on the next generation and create a positive trend of mindful and healthy choices for years to come.


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About Cassidy:

Cassidy Reeh is an external communications intern for Bayer CropScience at the Research Triangle Park location in North Carolina. She is currently a senior at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA, where she is a Rural Studies major. Cassidy will receive her Bachelors of Science in Writing and Communications with a minor in Diversified Agriculture in the spring of 2015. She is a member of Sigma Alpha, a professional agricultural sorority, as well as the National FFA Organization.

 Cassidy Reeh, Bayer CropScience Intern










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