Three New Reasons Why InVigor Is #1

Monday, March 17, 2014
InVigor Canola Seed is #1

By: Brian Hrudka

The InVigor team at Bayer CropScience has exciting news to share with our canola growers. With this year’s introduction of new hybrids for U.S. canola growers, InVigor® canola has advanced its technological leadership. I’ve broken down the three hybrids to help you understand the benefits of each:

  • InVigor L140P is the industry’s first hybrid with the pod shatter reduction trait. Watch the field demo video to learn more:

        InVigor L140P Demo for US - Bayer CropScience

  • InVigor L252 is a high-yielding hybrid with premium-level high oil content.
  • InVigor L160S is a hybrid with the industry’s best sclerotinia tolerance yet.


I am proud to say that these hybrids take industry standards to the next level. The pod shatter reduction trait in L140P has the potential to revolutionize how you grow canola, providing you with greater flexibility to direct harvest or delay swathing. L252 has outperformed other high-yielding hybrids in our company trials, and we can’t wait to see the yields you achieve with this new star. And L160S will be a powerful tool for those of you fighting sclerotinia in your fields.


We are excited about these three new hybrids, but our work isn’t done yet. You can expect even more from us in the future. Bayer CropScience is the world’s largest canola seed company with a vast team of breeding agronomists. They continue to work hard to develop industry-leading hybrids and traits.


With more new advanced hybrids on the horizon, we have ramped up our U.S. canola breeding program. In the future, canola farmers in North Dakota could be planting InVigor hybrids adapted especially to the region’s unique needs.


I ensure you that the InVigor team at Bayer CropScience works tirelessly to supply the best canola genetics. Talk to a local InVigor seed dealer to learn how you can grow more and get more, year after year, with InVigor canola hybrids.


About Brian Hrudka

  Brian Hrudka, Canola Seeds Manager for Bayer CropScience

Brian Hrudka was raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario. Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario with degrees in biochemistry and business, Brian has been working in the global agricultural industry. Brian is responsible for the market-leading InVigor canola brand and the developing wheat seed business of Bayer CropScience USA.


InVigor L140P Field Demo for US - Bayer CropScience


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